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Can you help me make the subtitle for Yukirin tour? I need help for the MC translation, I'm not sure about my ability to translate from japanese to english. I can make the timing, but i don't understand the MC part

Sorry, love to help but at this time I'm not taking on any projects. I don't have time to translate things for the website as is, I don't want to commit to anything at this time of the year. If I have time, I would translate the Documentary...

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Mayuyu's fans already started their ssk campaign. How about yukirin?

there have been talks, but nothing official yet

Have you ever cried watching/attending an AKB group concert? If yes, which one?

I cried at French Kiss last concert. Mocchi's final speech did it. I would have been fine otherwise!

Christmas holiday season is coming! y'know what that means? (rhetorical question) Dumb next year resolutions! With no obligation to reveal them, how successful/positive/winning are you with this years (2015) resolution?

100% success rate since I didn't make any resolutions. haha

what is your job? i see you can afford a lot of pretty much expensive stuff

expensive stuff? like too much idol goods? LOL. I'm an engineer & fortunate to have gotten into a good company. other than idol goods, I really don't buy much.
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what's your other interest beside idol and stuff? gaming? gadget?

sports. I watch a lot of sports, mostly on tv hehe. favourite is baseball but I basically watch all except boxing.

Ur precious yukirin good?

while not solely Yukirin, the signed French Kiss poster that I won is probably one of the most precious items I have now.

How do you save money while spending on idol goods?

setting aside money on a regular basis to savings! though buying idol goods is generally my main entertainment expense. I don't generally buy a lot of other things so I don't usually go over my limit (most of the time).

What is one thing that happened in your life that without it happening, you would never be where you are today?

Live action Sailormoon which brought be back to liking everything Japan & JPop & Johnny's which eventually led to AKB48


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