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if I had a million dollars I wouldn't do a damn thing for you

Ha ha ha, i know how much you love me!

Would you move in on your friend's partner?

Maybe, no or yes. I dont know, it possible, here all is possible. But no, sorry!

Did you know I threw the poem you wrote me away?

I don't wrote the poem was ChatGPT. Ha ha ha, im sorry I'm not a poet

Would you rather be locked in jail or hold in a psych ward?

scorpiooovibeee9’s Profile Photoscorpiooovibeee
In psych ward I have been, is "fun" Except when they tie you to the bed, is the facking hell. Seriously

I'm not going to talk to you here anymore, you know how to reach me.

Really! Yes i know but it's more romantic here.

If a friend unfollowed you on social media for no reason, would you ask them why they did it?

No, the facking "friend" could go to the shit. I dont care!

What would you do if you woke up and saw a random dog laying next to you?

I hit your facking dog ass

I am finally letting it go and setting my idea of you free. Good luck with everything, I wish u the best, class friend



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