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What is your opinion on tattoos?

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Tattoos are good but personally i don't have tattoos and i don't wanna. But if you or anybody want go ahead dude, life is only one take advantage of it and fun

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Do u know the song “i want it that way” by The Backstreet Boys

I dont know, but if you wanna know the answer is Google it!

Would you go to the movie theatre alone to watch a movie?

No is depressing, always find for company of the oposity sex is more fun.

Can you lose a man by caring too much about him?

No, man love care of women. If you lose him, is because is a faggot, no a man. Faggots no love women, only love bein rape by other men.
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If you need Facebook to remind you when your FRIENDS birthday is, then you're not a true friend. A true friend knows when your birthday is, that's the bare min. If your friends forget about your birthday they're not true friends. Reconsider your friendships

That's true!

hola a todos soy nuevo 😉

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Hola leo ya que eres nuevo baja tus pantalones y ponte en cuatro yo sere rapido. Mi pene siempre esta listo.


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