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1-Your favorite color? 2-nickname you love ? 3-The name of ten people you love? 4-Are you ready to be linked? 5-Your favorite friend's name? 6-How old you? 7-Do you think you are a handy person? 8-A defect in your personality? 9-Have you been embarrassed by? Remember a stand

Bk889’s Profile PhotoGrace Isaac bki
1- yellow + black
2- My moon
3- I can't mention their names, the first letter enough ( N ,R , A , Z , S , D , H , Y , M , E)
4- No, I don't think about this 🙅🏻‍♀️
5- Noha + Rawda + Dareen ❤
6- 16years
7- Why not😅🙆🏻‍♀️
8- Temperamental😢🤦🏻‍♀️
9- Maybe, but I can not mention something🤷🏻‍♀️

What advice would you give a 16years old girl to make new friends in real life, who happens to have very strict parents. So hanging out or making friends through social networking is a big *No* What would you suggest her? 🌸🌸🐝

SharonGupta’s Profile PhotoSharon Gupta Karwani
So betay don't ever trust anyone so quickly. Assume that specific person for a time being and then make them your friend. And never get into relationship thingy because usmein aapko dhoka hi milna end pay nothing else. :)

What advice would you give a 16years old girl to make new friends in real life, who happens to have very strict parents. So hanging out or making friends through social networking is a big *No* What would you suggest her? 🌸🌸🐝

SharonGupta’s Profile PhotoSharon Gupta Karwani
if she cannot hangout with friends or cannot have social media friends I would suggest her to read. anything. books, story books, articles, quotes, poetry. whatever she likes. I know few people find it boring. I mean hey we wanna have fun.. ya but we need friends not just to hangout n hav fun but to learn something understand, to share our time and if someone doesn't want to miss out that experience. books is the best way to have that second hand experience that will help you learn from the first hand mistakes. ♥️

What advice would you give a 16years old girl to make new friends in real life, who happens to have very strict parents. So hanging out or making friends through social networking is a big *No* What would you suggest her? 🌸🌸🐝

SharonGupta’s Profile PhotoSharon Gupta Karwani
It is always good to have friends in real life. Social networking or virtual friends may not be the same persons they pretend to be here in real life scenarios. So don't fall prey for it.

Lluvia De Preguntas' 1. ¿Apodo? :v 2. Edad 3. ¿Novi@? 4. Canción 5. Frase' 6. CRUSH 7. Fecha' ❤ 8. Color Favorito' 9. Película Favorita' 10. ¿Mejor Amig@?♠♣ FELIZ NAVIDAD🌲❤

1. Eri 2. 16years 3.SOLTERAAA 4.Me gustan todas 5. No se jaja 6. No hay 7.Fecha de que? 8. Rojo 9. Aladdin 10.Ellos FELIZ NAVIDAD..

Sorry sbb salah eja. So 10 soalan je utk mlm nih. 1) umur berapa? 2) stay kat maner? 3) dh fall in love berapa kali? 4) skang single or taken? 5) suka melukis x? 6) ader social media lain selain askfm? 7) skang ni suka guna emoji aper? 8) ex paling baik saper? 9) peramah ke x? 10) birthday?

1) 16years old
2) kat atas bumi
3) 😂
4) taken
5) suka laa jugak
6) ada
7) 🙊
8) semua baik
9) ntah
10) 24/3

Omg I never asked. What's your age. What do you study lol. What kinda memes do you like. How many murders do you plan in a day. Some serious questions here

Almost 17. Last year of olevels. I like memes that are stupid and relatable and kinda sexual. Kinda. I feel like killing 3 people a day. Learnt to forgive 2 in 16years of my life, almost get close to planning 1, but ofc worldly hinderances.

HABLEMOS DE TU MEJOR AMIGA: 1.Como Se Llama? 2.Cuantos Años Tiene? 3.Ah Que Colegio Va? 4.Ah Que Año? 5.Es Mas Ata Que Tu? 6.Donde La Conociste? 7.Hace Cuantos Años De Amistad Llevan? 8.La Quieres? 9.Le Cuentas Todas Tus Cosas? 10.Tiene Novio? 11.Le Gusta Alguien? 12.La Cambiarías? Inserta Una Fto

MarielysMujic1’s Profile PhotoMarielys Mujica
Oks!. LuisanaMaria´♥, 16Years , Las carnavallis, 4to Año, Un poco (Las dos somos unas minions:v), en la calle:v(Por mi casa), 14Años, LA AMO. Le cuento absolutamente todo,No no tiene, Yeah, Nunca. Es Mi Niggi favorita´☺♥
HABLEMOS DE TU MEJOR AMIGA 1Como Se Llama 2Cuantos Años Tiene 3Ah Que Colegio Va

Holaaa!! Canción, Favorita, Novi@? Frase, Color, Edad, 3 Cosas Que Te Gusten De Ti & 3 Mías Por Supuesto Pasate♥ By; 20MGX2O Comienzo Apenas Respondas esta Pregunta luego Cumples tu!

JhonnyPerezRonaldo’s Profile PhotoJJPR♡
holaaa!!!! muchas , naahh solterita ♥♥ , "Donde hubo fuego , cenizas quedan" e.e , azul , 16years ☺ , mis ojos , mis piernas y mi color *o* , jajajajj tus piernas , tus ojos , y que juegas futbol , DALE SI VA ;D

People hate her for a reason. Because she's done wrong to them. It's not being nasty if she was nasty for them to hate her

Not being funny but what does a person have to do that's soooo wrong you can never forgive them. It's not like she's murdered anyone? We're 16years old it's a joke you can't hate someone for a pathetic reason. I bet you've made thousands of mistakes and people have forgiven you for it so stop being so judgemental. So when you can come off anon and give me a reasonable explanation as to why you hate her then I'll listen but for now fuck off👋🏽

Answer these ques: 1) Who is that one person you never want to loose?♥ 2) Whats your age?♥ 3) How many sibblings?♥ 4) Name your bae♥ 5) 5 people you wany back in life♥ 6) One thing you love the most?♥ 7) One guy bestfriend and one girl♥ 8) People you are recently attatched to?STAIF❤stay smiling :)

my parents
2 - 16years ..
3 - two one real brother n one type of real brother
4- lyf <3
5- no one
6-my parents
7palak anand <3
8 pallu <3

I don't know how I find her but happy to find her and btw hi my real name is Alina I am from Peshawar 16years studies in aps and We were three sis and bro but now only two sis ..... :( .... Well what about u !?

omg really your from pishawar and from aps which means I'm your biggest fan and I'm really sorry about what happened in Peshawar and don't be sad know they are in paradise. I only have one sister she 8
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I'm a programmer , hacker, doing bodybuilding and Thai boxing do not drink do not smoke just love the adrenaline ... well, me still , growth 1.82 weight 73 kg 1 105 shake well again and so on ....: D

HenryUs’s Profile PhotoSuperman
You are very interesting person)
as for me, I‘m 16years old and I am student. I prefer be at home and think about my life. But I also like adrenaline)

What do u say about a incident that happens in karachi..A 16 years old boy killed his lover in school and after that shooted himself aslo..

id306469116’s Profile PhotoAbdullah Chaudhary
i was shocked when i heard that..i dnt know whats wrong with our coming generation...i mean how can someone commit suicide..is this love? ..that incident was so painful.. letters showed that they even don't know how to write properly but pyar ho jye ga hum logon sy..hell of difference between Love and Infatuation...5months of love is more important thn 16years of love..we should think about our parents once... May Allah bless us all...

Assalamualaikum!?Islamic Question ?Which Prophet (Pbuh) was Afflicted with Physical Disease in which his whole flesh dropped out of his body? Who helped him to recover? How many years he was afflicted with that disease??No Google please ❌Answer will be given Shortly. ⛔️Note: This is for knowledge

MuslimsUTD’s Profile PhotoMuslimsUTD
Prophet Ayyoub(AS), and I think 16years or 7, and his wife helped him recover
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Any advice for a 16years old guy 佢曾經有過一個好心愛嘅初戀,但至從個女仔同佢分開左,就再唔識溝女,有幾個女仔鍾意佢有人都覺得佢靚仔,但佢鍾意嘅女仔又唔鍾意佢,所以換個幾個對象,因為佢鍾意嘅女仔唔係friend zone左佢,就係有男朋友,又或者根本對佢冇興趣.兩年黎佢有嘗試識女仔,識左好多,但都重未拍過拖,初吻重係到.

我都無拍過拖 點知喎 🙈🙈🙈 遇到命中註定個個就會識得再去愛人? 💪🏻💪🏻
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Age _________ , full name _______ , how many brothers and sisters do you have _______ , fav food ______ , fav color ________ , your hair color ______ , your eyes color ______ , fav restaurant _______ , !

16years old ,Aya Saeed Mostafa,1brother and 2 sisters, Macaron,Black,black,also black :D ,langelato ^_^ :D :D

du bist-mei bro bisch einfach da beste freund was masich wünschen kan und sau gail drauf mia hend schu so viel scheise baut altha so zach und die letute woche war einfach da hamma!! entlich hema wieda was gamcht seit ka wia langer zeit! unsre freundschaft wird glob ni unter gehn!! besfriends 16years

Eiisii’s Profile PhotoEisi
ja Mann danke bisch King best friends 4 ever ♡♡♡
du bistmei bro bisch einfach da beste freund was masich wünschen kan und sau

i am 16years old mai ek ladke se bht pyaar krti hu but hmara result bht khraab aaya tha tb se hmara breakup hogya usne mje ye reasn dia ki usse pdna h vo 12 me h or mai uske bina jee nhi skti ab btao mai usse kese waapis lau usse kya khu kya bolu jise vo raazi ho jaye .? plz help i luv him 😭😭😭#A

Tumhe intezaar karna hoga, ya fir usko test karo ke wo sirf padhayi ke liye tumse door hua hai ya koi dusri ladki ka reason hai. and agar padhayi ka hai toh let him go, agar wo tumhare naseeb mein hoga toh zaroor wapas ayega. :)
"Love someone so much that you don't think twice before leaving him/her for her own success"

LGT - Hello ✨ mcam kenal jua? tapi .. eh nda ingat 😂 nvm. btw nice dp , gorg 💘 16years old iguess 😏 heh. macam tinggi this girl ani :b um okay. thats all 😂🙊

ex suamp rite? so i think kita pernah jumpa dikawasan sekulah catu xD thankyou. you gorg too! :) not really tall but amiiiin tinggi. ahaha tq!

Okie from Mumbai I live in Oman M in class 12 16years old wish me on 15th August I love zayn and 1D Swimming is my passion I love to talk I go to a school called -Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir (long name) in short iswk I have a little brother and an older brother (Zayn) Tellme something bout you

maylovesonedirection’s Profile PhotoMay
Good to know about you
I'm Ria.
Sixteen too. Grade 11 tho. 🙈
Directioner. Swiftie.
I love to read.
John Green is fave.
Twilight and Divergent and TFIOS are ♥

Tbh-Vritika ❤️ what to say? 16years friendship says it all! We can't even end even if we want to? and yeah you are really very beautiful!❤️xoxo

16 years full of fights and sweet memories...obviously won't let you go yaa..you'll miss me then. What about our gossips then? Stupid even tho we've misunderstandings but I'll always be there when you need me. So yeah, I love you yaar❤

Totoo naman, hindi ba papeymus ang maingay sa twitter? Mura ka pa ng mura. To namang aires kung sino sino kinakaibigan. Pati upper batch natin. Tong jm feeler.

hahahaha alam mo. papeymus talaga ako. feel free to unfollow kung naiingayan ka saken ☺ and kung nagmumura ako? hahaha. floodlikes nalang kita para di ka na umiyak dyan 👍. ano naman sayo kung may kaibigan si aires na nasa upper batch? bawal ba yon? hahaha pre tao yan. kailangan nyan ng kaibigan. pag ba 16years old kailangan ganong age den yung kaibigan? wala ka sigurong kaibigan no? wawa ka naman. si jm, pano naman naging feeler yon? hahaha pre naman wag masyadong pakelamera sa buhay. wala kang alam samen. mind your own life ☺☺☺

1)Full name 2)Age 3)Favorite number 4)Favorite place 5)When first relationship and last one 6)Where was first kiss 7)Where was the last one 8)Your best friend`s name 9)Your funniest friend`s name 10) The prettiest friend 11)The Trusted friend 12)In love or not 13)Your school 14)Your dream

1) Abdelrahman Mohamed Abboud
2) 16years
3) 11 & 5
4) Mansourah
5) In 15/3/2014
6)&7) Never
8) Raslan Saleh Maro Bazzet Mido kimo Moha......
9) Afifi & Maro
11) Raslan saleh maro bazzet
12) In LOVE
13) Sahwa l. School
14) Tp be an engineer

I needed ur advice on an issue... I am an alone kid to my parents and recently my mom told be that I would be having a sibling very soon... Ik it would be very odd as there will be around 19 years of difference between us.. I am really afraid and would like u to give me a good piece ofadvice#girlfan

How is that odd? Its a good news. :D Its a blessing. I would honestly be so happy. Even my friend has a brother who is 16years younger to her. Nothing wrong in it. Dont worry about people that they will laugh or talk about it in a funny way. Logon ka kaam hai kehna , wo nai kahenge toh kaun kahega? :P dont be afraid. Take care of your mother :)

hola :) (inserta amor platónico) edad? comida favorita? que es lo que mas te gusta hacer? que deseas en este momento? :) dejame 5 o 10 MG o mas y te devolveré el doble :) pásate ..te sigo :) sígueme n.n

MarkSwaggyFlores’s Profile PhotoMark Cueva .
Hola;) (Amor Platónico No Tengo Pero Esta Amiga Es Hermosa*-*) || Tengo 16Years || Mi Comida Fav. Son Pizza y Papitas Fritas, Aparte Coca-Cola y Doritos*-* || Me Gusta, Ehmm... || Deseo? Un Beso de Ella*-* (No la de la foto) ||.. Oks ñ.ñ
hola  inserta amor platónico edad comida favorita que es lo que mas te gusta

Name:______ Age:_______Birthday:_______ Eye color:________Nickname:________Best friend:__________Favorite Color:______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day______ favorite name of boy _______ favorite name of girl ______ u like play _______u like school _____ single_______where r u from ______ ?

- Zainab - 16years - 17thAugust1998 - darkbrown -.there are many - Ayesha - Red,white,black,blue - brown - Friday - Mustafa - never thought about it - candycrush..jk :D - APSACS - ForeverAlone - Lahore is my hometown -

janu itni okat thi apki tou ose ask karo apne wall pe apna ghastipan kyu jarh rae insult tumhari hui ha beta wo alaida baat ha ap jese ghastiyan kaha feel karti hain :) iwas standing there and looking at you or janu confirm karo you're junior 16years ki kutiya not showing my nme cause kutti u r

Hahahahahahaha agai sasti bachi myri wall py xD babe fame lyny k liay kari ho to i swear aysy attay waly mun k sath ni milta fame
Untick kar k shyd zada kara li thi ab tick kar k agai ho yy to apki okay hy face to face keh k teachers k palu sy lagny wali hahahahhaha wo hate ans karo babe jo ara hy tmy myry khilaf khud ko Q kar k ans na karo itni sasti harkatain achi ni lagten plus yy apki tran k 2-3jinhain ham mun ni lgaty to app jeson k pas chaly jaty hain dill khush karyny in k anasr hi fame mill sakta hy bas tmy.insan aysi chuss mary to kamzkam writing style to badal ly.too much sasta puna xD
16 hony sy koi chota ho jata hy? I'm turning 17 in 4-5 days phir ajana khushbu laga k batch mate my ab bhi hun tab bhi rahun gi. ___|___

Every1 knows who u like u can't even hide it anymore I've known you for 16 years and ik when u like someone stop hiding it

You flopped big tjme ,I haven't even been alive 16years LOOOOOOL
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oh. wow. you're being friends with a 16years old immature hahahaha XD so, tomorrow is your birthday? you have the same birthday as my dear friend XD HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY BTW!! XD

lol i don't think you are immature tho - - you look mature to me! XD i think i am immature since i do a lot of immature moves XD yes sadly.. i feel soo old haha *cries* well happy advanced birthday to your friend, hope she/he have a nice bday. and thank youuuuu!<33.
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PFF for this... don't be ^_^ it is good that you tell the truth---> this is important now... so don't be ;) BTW what are you doing now?! p.s. wait you are 16 years old?! oh... I'm your unniee :( I'm old xD

GabiXristova’s Profile PhotoGaby ^^
"PFF"? I just came back from hanging out with my friends :$
Hahaha, I thought you were younger than 16years old, so hi eonni :) x

Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy12:00AM 20'SEPTEMBER 16YEARS HAPPY BIRTHDAY يَ ميلااَده ﺂخبره بحجمِ روعَتہ،وبحَجم محبتِي لَہ،يَ مِيلاده إزرَع ورُودااً؛فِي دربِہ و ﺂملأ قلبَہ بِ وآبلٍ منَ ﺂلفرَح و ﺂلسسعاادَة و ﺂرسم على محياهَ إبتسسآمَہ أمل لااَ تُفآرقہ مآ داامَت على هذَا الوُجوود#ily♥♥♥+

Ya 7beebtiie:'(♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥+

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