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to continue on from that, my teacher described it as "people who do these kinds of things have mental problems most of the time; they don't realize that it isn't a video game, there's no restart or undo button. That's probably why most of them end up killing themselves too" and idk if its justme but

(cont) when children grow up with violent media and end up being desensitized to violence or killing people - is it ok to call that a mental problem?
tw suxcide !!
jfc your teacher sounds like a horrible person. :// if they had any education whatsoever, they'd know that most violent crime isn't committed by people with mental illnesses at all.
but to say that being desensitized to violence is a mental problem is also inherently wrong. EVERYONE has been desensitized to violence and murder, it's in our media and video games and on every tv screen. something of that level of collectiveness can't be considered a mental illness because it's a product of societal conditioning.

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