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Do you believe being vulnerable is a weakness or a strength? Why?

It's both. It's great to have a sensitive side but it will also get you hurt more.

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I really did just get hired in a corporate sales job. More than enough money to pay all the bills. Start 3/15. I got a job i got a job i got a job


What ethnicity are you attracted to?

anonymouscow68381’s Profile PhotoKaty Z
Oh dear. I swoon over brown eyed boys. So Hispanics, Guatemalan guys, native Americans. Light caramel boys 😍🥵
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If you know me an you need to say something to me text me or call I might answer but I think it’s lame to be on here anonymously

bobbystar95270’s Profile PhotoHickey
Where's the fun in that though?

Male or female vocalists?

It depends. 😆 like halestorm. Lzzy Hale is amazing. But bvb Andy is great.

How many times did you fail your driver's test?

Never? Had my license since 15.5, never even had an accident or a ticket. It isn't hard to drive


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