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Was sind für dich Red Flags?

KrisIsaak’s Profile PhotoKrapakris
•Nur auf Snapchat schreiben
•Unregelmäßiger Kontakt
•Nur abends/nachts schreiben
•Keine Zeit für mich nehmen
•Wenn Taten nicht mit Worten übereinstimmen
•Von Anfang an zu anzüglich sein
•Mehrere gleichzeitig am Start haben
•Viel feiern gehen
Könnte jetzt unendlich so weiter machen, aber hier sind mal ein paar

Only you can answer this question. Disadvantages of being attractive? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
1. You get A LOT OF Instagram msgs
2. You get A LOT OF Snapchat "added you''
3. People stare you a lot
4. There are always boys eyes 👀 glancing you
5. Somewhere someone fights with another boy for you, and you don't even know that lol
6. This one is VERY DISADVANTAGED. Everyone thinks that you have a boyfriend 😭 thus no one proposes you
7. People think they will be rejected because you are "too good" or beyond their level.
8. People think you show off
9. People don't believe that you are real. They think you just "make up" about your aunthiencity because if someone is beautiful, usually she should be in pride.

Whenever there's a knitting scene in a movie or series, it's absolutely ridiculous how they don't actually knit, just moving their hands. Can't the actors at least learn the basic garter stitch? Now I know it ain't that deep but as someone who enjoys knitting, I take it personally 😂

I used to knit in the past and it’s really not that hard imo but true, it would make more sense for the actors/actresses to either not move their hands or actually knit properly. I remember when I used to post myself knitting on Snapchat and someone unadding me as a friend afterwards. I guess they just couldn’t handle seeing me knit better than them 😂

Unpopular opinion: people who use snapchat are a red flag. 🚩🚩 agree or not? 😂

Nah beta realest and biggest red flag is a person who doesn't have a good relationship with his/her mom.
If they can't understand, respect or acknowledge the love of the person who brought them in the world and made all the sacrifices for them, how are you ever gonna receive any goodness from them? کنارہ کر لیا جائے۔

How you people cope with exam stress

• Switch off all the lights, walk and talk to yourself for 10 minutes. I read it somewhere that talking to yourself boosts your confidence.
• Use that study technique where you study for like 25 minutes and take a 5-7 minutes break in between. Dance, exercise, make coffee (preferably iced coffee), listen to music while walking or as I mentioned earlier, talk to yourself [note: spend your breaks in darkness to give your eyes a bit rest]
• Sometimes, when I get too sleepy, I open Snapchat and start explaining my syllabus to myself with that big mouth filter on. As weird as that sounds, it helps.
• Also, get a bit ready (put some jewellery on, put some lipstick)(if you're a guy, then I don't know)(this boosts your confidence too).
Good luck!

Were y'all allowed to record videos and post them on social media when you were in school? Did your school have some rules against it?

People in my school would record me without my consent and would post them on Snapchat (most likely) so yes, everyone was allowed to record videos in classrooms unless it was in the middle of the class when the teacher was teaching. How did I know I was being recorded? Well… people would point their phones in my direction whenever I was in an embarrassing situation or laugh while obviously recording me. Many of my peers didn’t add me back on Snapchat so I didn’t see those videos myself but they made it quite obvious when they’d record me.

Widzę że Ask'fm wymarł całkowicie Jak myślicie, Kolejny będzie Snapchat? :D

Szlachta998’s Profile PhotoThomas_Nieznasz
Nie wymarl całkowicie. Wciąż są tu osoby, które się udzielają i jest ich trochę, chociaż nie ukrywam, że ten portal najlepsze lata ma już dawno za sobą i nie przyciąga nowych użytkowników. Ci, którzy się udzielają, to głównie tacy weterani - użytkownicy, którzy są tu już wiele lat. Wchodzą tutaj z sentymentu, albo innego powodu, który ich tutaj trzyma.

Why do ya’ll post photos online constantly? You really need validation from strangers online? Like what makes you think strangers wanna see that crap?

Why does it bother you so much? How is it any different to posting photos on Snapchat? It’s ok to want to share your photos, it’s ok to post them online, if that’s what you wanna do, not everyone wants to use a physical photo album. Not everyone wants strangers looking at their photos, hence why a lot of us are private. Don’t be so negative & close minded.

Widzę że Ask'fm wymarł całkowicie Jak myślicie, Kolejny będzie Snapchat? :D

Szlachta998’s Profile PhotoThomas_Nieznasz
Ask się trochę zmienił, nie jest tak samo jak kiedyś, i nie każdemu chce się tu wchodzić, zostać na dłużej.
Sama myślałam o odejściu, aczkolwiek bo większym przemyśleniu postanowiłam nie dać tej satysfakcji niektórym osobom ..🌼
Widzę że Askfm wymarł całkowicie
Jak myślicie Kolejny będzie Snapchat D

Does every body here already know everyone? Or is this just a bunch of strangers. How does everyone have instas and phone numbers?

hazeyonly’s Profile PhotoOnlyNotButNotOnly
I didn’t have anyone’s socials when I decided to be active on this app again but by getting to know some users on here and talking to them on a regular basis, I felt comfortable enough to give out my socials and currently have a couple people from this app added on Instagram and Snapchat. I don’t give out my phone number but I’ve made that mistake before and one user on here contacted me through my phone number by using a fake phone number whereas some people willingly gave out their phone number to me.

Използвате ли приложението Snapchat ? Ако да , защо и бихте ли правили дни с хора от аск ?

lem0n52279’s Profile PhotoGravity Falls
Имам го но не го използвам кой знае колко активно. Ползвам го да запазвам спомени и тук там да снимам нещо. Да бих правила дни с хора от аск. Включително и да си пиша там с хора.
Които иска да ме добави там се пиша mvalceva

Bist du gerade online? Ich habe eine wichtige Frage.

Ich habe seit heute einen weiteren Messenger auf meinem Dritthandy, weil mich eine sehr attraktive SM-Lady anschrieb, die nur Skype nutzt. Ich hoffe, dass es bald aufhört? Was fehlt denn da jetzt noch? Nutzt man noch Snapchat? Vielleicht zieh ich mir den dann noch drauf und dann sollten alle abgedeckt sein?
Bist du gerade online Ich habe eine wichtige Frage
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Was there ever a time when trusting your intuition lead you wrong? If so what happened?

Yes, I thought that someone liked me because he’d sometimes try making eye contact with me when he’d see me around, his friends were nice to me and I had feelings for him too so I always made up excuses for his lack of interest and tried to convince myself that the feeling was mutual. My intuition about him having feelings for me was most likely wrong, since he never really spoke to me except in rare occasions once or twice a year just to say hi. He also never added me back on Snapchat, briefly followed me on Instagram and there were instances when he’d say things that were rude without considering my feelings first. He would walk a girl to her classes but wouldn’t do the same for me and I always felt like I had to compete for his attention while he’d flirt with other girls in front of me. A few years ago, two of his friends blocked me on social media and although I can’t guarantee that it had to do with him, that does indicate that they probably haven’t been hearing good things about me and they obviously don’t welcome me into their circle. I’m trying to move on but it’s hard to do that when a part of me believed that he would actually be interested in me as I kept making up excuses for his obvious lack of interest in me for years.

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¿Cuántas cuentas tienes de estas redes sociales? Twitter, askfm, discord, instagram, Facebook, snapchat, tiktok, twitch, steam, youtube, gmail, epic acc, tumblr, spotify, deviantart y wattpad

Muy corta será la respuesta esta pregunta.
Actualmente solo tengo 3 de las que mencionas. Progresivamente iré eliminado las que tengo, hasta tener 0 y librarme de ella.
Como dijo una persona de aquí, que ya no está "las redes sociales son un una perdida de tiempo, lo cual yo no quiero perder." Y razón lleva.

So this guy pretended to be a girl tricked me into downloading this AI thing so he could snoop and get my info and now him and his whole family are on here trying to bully me as anon and they can see what I do. Anyone else got tricked like this?

No but I did come across someone online who pretended to be a girl but was actually a guy who lied about not only his gender but also his race too. I immediately unfriended him on Snapchat and am thankful that I didn’t send him any money via cash app since I was skeptical when he said he didn’t have enough money to buy food for the day and that was thanks to my parents warning me. I’d block that person that’s trying to bully you on every one of the accounts I suspect they create to get to you and would ignore them if they don’t stop after a certain point. I’m sorry you’re going through that :/

Does anyone honestly still use snap and enjoy it? I find it so dumb and horrible now.

ceciliaaurora04’s Profile PhotoCecilia Aurora
I don’t use it as much anymore and currently only have streaks with one person but it’s been going on for 800+ days so I definitely don’t want to lose it. I mainly go on there because my life isn’t that interesting so I like seeing what friends are up to on Snapchat to pass time. It’s mainly just influencers trying to entertain everyone at this point and isn’t as interesting as it used to be in the past (imo) 🤷🏻‍♀️

Except for social media, what other apps do you use in your everyday life? 📱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well – I use a few apps on my phone to help me stay organized and productive like Headspace which helps me meditate and practice mindfulness when I am feeling stressed. Other than that Bookly - it is pretty nice, it allows you to set goals for your reading habits and tracks your progress in reaching them. And we heart it. I used to post my articles and writing over there. Other than that, I mostly just use social media like Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp to connect with friends and family. 🌻

Khari hon aj bh wahi 🥀

nimraibad021’s Profile Photonimra ibad
Why on Earth do some wannabe doctors turn surgeries into Insta-worthy events? Like, "Hey, let's snap a pic of this dude's open chest – perfect for my Snapchat story!"
Seriously, are they aiming for a "Cutting-Edge" social media presence or just majoring in Dumbassery 101?!?!?!?!?!?

Why do boys like girls butts if we fart and poop out of them

Child, Let's give it a few more years for snapchat to give you the proper "talk" that will warp your silly mind... Cause I really don't want your Dragon Mom breathing down my neck cause I told you about the No No's and Nah Nah's.... Especially the Ta ta's
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Gdzie można do ciebie napisać? ^^

Można napisać na asku. Zadać mi swoje pytanie. Najczęściej jestem tutaj. Korzystam z facebooka i messengera ale tam byłoby mnie ciężko znaleźć bo jest wiele osób o tym samym imieniu i nazwisku które ja posiadam. Mam gadu-gadu i tam można też napisać. Numer gadu-gadu jest w opisie mojego profilu. Jest też możliwość napisania maila ale pewnie rzadko kto korzysta z pisania maili do innych osób. W obecnych czasach dużo ludzi używa komunikatorów typu instagram, snapchat.

how many times did you block him?

I blocked and unblocked him multiple times because I simply couldn’t make up my mind about him after he tried controlling the things I’d do, was being mean and didn’t see me as a friend but still chose to talk to me, and he blocked me first after I took a screenshot of his Snapchat story. I want to move on and I pretty much have but here I am talking about him because he’s one of the only guys I actually liked and got to know a little bit about.

Was siehst du persönlich als Geldverschwendung an?

Marie29052001’s Profile PhotoMarie ♡
Geldausgaben für:
Nagelstudio und Gelnägel, ständiges Shopping für Kleidung, die man nicht braucht und am Ende sowieso nicht anzieht, Feuerwerk und Böller, AIkohol, Zigaretten, Dr0gen generell, finanzielle Unterstützung für Parteien wie die AfD und andere rechtsradikaIe Parteien, W4ffenexporte, P0rnos und S3xkauf (ist nicht nur Geldverschwendung, sondern auch einfach schädIich, für den Konsumenten und vor allem aber für die "Dienstleisterinnen"), Make-up, Schmuck, Softdrinks, McDonalds-Fraß, Spotify, Snapchat etc., Datingapps, Streamingdienste, Rundfunkgebühren, Beerdigungen (als ich erfahren hab, wie viel eine "kleine" Beerdigung kostet, ist mir fast das Herz stehen geblieben), Supplemente (wenn man weiterhin nicht passend dazu die Ernährung umstellt), teure Luxus-Autos, Festivals und Konzerte, überteuerte Markensachen, ... Und Dinge, die im Übermaß konsumiert werden, obwohl das eigentlich nicht nötig ist.

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Someone I was talking to on snapchat viewed my story but suddenly their view from my story and the entire chat disappeared I also cannot find them at all anymore has anyone else had this happen?? wtf does it mean? I’m confused asf right now

The person must have excluded you from their life, because if something had happened to their account, they would have looked for you again. Some people are just made for moments, unfortunately.

Drop your instagram id or snapchat id for personal chat🌹

even if i drop ..
i'll ghost you in 1-3 texts..
not because you deserve this ..
but because i am tired of all this.
i am too old to start a conversation with anyone anymore.
i am not excited to know new people, nor do I have energies left to startover,
imagine being irritated by the questions like what color do u like? your favorite food etc
i am happy and satisfied with my finger counted homies, no space for any sort newer relationships. 🌸🙂

Why you always getting in trouble with the cops on your Snapchat?

For starters nobody got in trouble w/ the cops. Someone got into an accident down the block from me on the main road. So the cops obviously were there. The other day omw to work they were parked . And 2 days ago someone got pulled over in the Taco Bell parking lot. Lmao.

Reply with "❤️" and I'll give you the numbers. 1. You so cute 2. You are pretty lame 3. Interact more 4. your humour is 10/10 5. I wanna bake cookies for you 6. Your Snapchat 7. I love your pfp 8. Bake a cake for me 9. I don't know u much 10. you always cheer me up

wahabkhan17’s Profile PhotoWahab
I don't wanna expose myself but that works on ask in 2013 till 2016 . Abh we grown up we text any girl directly tu we are confident enough to get their numbers in 2 days lol

Słodki🍬 vs Słony🍟 Zima❄️ vs Lato🌞 Psy🐶 vs Koty🐱 Instagram📷 vs Snapchat👻 Boże Narodzenie🎅 vs Wielkanoc🐰 Morze🌊 vs Góry🏔 Samochód🚗 vs Rower🚲

• słony 🍟
• lubię obie te pory roku, jednak wybieram lato 🌞
• psy 🐶
• Instagram 📷
• Boże Narodzenie 🧑‍🎄
• góry, zdecydowanie 🏔️
• samochód 🚗 chociaż był czas, że bardzo lubiłam jeździć rowerem i często się wybierałam na przejażdżki rowerowe ze znajomymi 🚲

Some of you women AND men on here are kinda cute, ngl. Like, looks-wise you are totally fine. Too bad you are that word that starts with R. There's no cure for you, sadly. If you weren't, you'd be someone's Saturday night date potential.

It’s just that whenever I add a cute looking guy on here on Snapchat, they always end up disappointing me because all they want to do is exchange pictures and that’s pretty much it. Some of them do have the potential to have nice conversations with the opposite gender but they’d rather not (and I know this because some of them are better with words than I am). I’ve just never been asked out before, even tho guys do call me cute and I’d really like to know why that is. Maybe it’s because I’m always anxious in public/socially awkward but still, I don’t think being that way should hold me back from being pursued romantically.
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Is “I love you” and “love you” different or mean the same?

I love you is more genuine than love you imo. I remember when I texted someone how much they meant to me and said ily to them (which I hardly ever do so if I say that to someone, they most likely mean a lot to me) to which they replied with U2 and they’d usually leave me on read. When I called them out for it by asking them, “When someone leaves you on read, it usually means something since no response is a response, right?” and they replied with a yes only to then block me on Instagram and unfriend me on Snapchat. So the point I’m trying to make is, if someone doesn’t put in much effort when telling you how much you mean to them, they most likely don’t really care about you and aren’t being genuine.

Maak je nog gebruik van deze website? en heb je ook facebook, instagram, tiktok, snap, twitter Waar mensen jou kunnen vinden?

Als je op mijn profiel zou kijken, zou je gezien hebben dat ik regelmatig nog antwoord geef op vragen. Dat is het antwoord op je eerste vraag.
Ik heb Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter en meer, maar alles is privé.
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You do know I know thats your fake Snapchat account in my list lol after you didn’t respond that’s how I knew, so I just left you there but I see you watching everything & you love to copy me 😌

I have 1 Snapchat and if I isn’t reply back it’s cus you can view my story but I won’t get your message unless i add you back. Lmao.

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