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POV: You were given three wishes, what do you wish for?

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my three wishes is I wish I want be artist who make everything and I want make dresses and outfits and then I want to the world be happy and calm like normal people do

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How do i tell my parents i'm lesbian ? I'm scared any ideas?

sophie2657’s Profile Photosophie
maybe u can tell them the truth or tell them lie as u choice

Don’t you hate when ppl talk a different language that you wish you knew what they was saying ?


I failed my 10th grade biology class and I have to retake the class but does that mean that I have to retake my other classes that I have passed?

I guess so or maybe not

Do you have a favorite memory? What is it?

where episode lair game form rise when Leo say did I really lose and with smug face and wink at me on tv make me blush lot like nerd girl (which of real person like me) and hottest red eared slider turtle babe which men can be babe too as well (fictional crush)

Ok so this guy said he likes me. But we never really talked before. We started texting for like two days and then he didn’t text me for like a whole day. I kinda wanna text him but I don’t know what to say. Also does this mean he’s not interested or is he just busy?

I think sometime boys do busy and some boys don't so why u ask him is he busy or not?

I have so much to say yet this doesn't give me enough space to say it. Big sigh.

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it's ok why u like u know calm yourself so u not be sad

I know I'm late, but like... HAPPY PRIDE MONTH💕🏳️‍🌈🥳

we don't celebrate pride month in our house so.....yeah


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