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If you loved me you’d be laying in bed rn with me. You don’t love me

If you had loved me. I wouldn't have been anywhere else but by your side

You're adorable with your glasses on.

You were watch. It only took long enough to get you to do something. How about just walk up and get to know me. Not sit in darkness hoping I pass some stupid test. I will fail in the end on purpose. You know this, right?

Why do I feel drawn to you like I know you?

I'm just a bad mammer jammer I guess. I ams what I ams . No denying it 😆

Do you support homosexuality? 🦄

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I don't support any sexuality. It's simply a small part of your being.
I'm not out there trying to turn people out for some unknown reason. People need to just be themselves and expect to be respected as humans.
A lot of people turn everything that isn't a fight or argument into 1. I don't expect gays to promote heterosexuality. Again it's a small part of me and what makes me who I am.
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