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Has anyone ever thought that you were playing them when you really weren’t? I’m a distant person who can text someone all day but then would take the next day off and spend some time away from texting others and some think that I’m playing them because of that.

Yes. Someone very important to me. It’s awful

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U block me on messenger all the time telling me to leave u alone when u were texting me most of the time we use to have good sex

Not that good if you’re getting blocked

Would you put someone you love in jail even though they just loved you and never wanted to hurt you

YES if I know they totally screwed me over

Why is it so hard for overweight people to find someone to love them ? Most people just pick on us overweight people! I may be fat but I’m a good person !

I’m sorry but I doubt that’s true. I really couldn’t say

Here’s the situation. Father in law left his credit card at my house for a few hours. I used it for groceries and some electronics and now he wants payment. But it was HIS fault he left the card at my house and HIS fault for not stopping me. Am I the bad guy here?

Yes. You are definitely the bad guy


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