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thoughts on katie, amelia, momo, zarena, lesley.

katie who and amelia who hahaha
momo: is so amazing enough said
zarena: i dont know her super well but she is really nice and funny and in my maths
Lesley is also in my maths class, but i dont really know her but she seems really nice

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Is luke yeates the nicest person and the best of the best of friends one could ever ask for?

yes for sure he his

who do you want to become closer with?

im not sure really there are people that i dont really know and kinda wanna become closer and then there are people that i used to be close with that im not anymore

there are so many people on ask.fm pretending to be another person whilst asking about themselves it's funny and so see-through

oh okay

Thoughts on Ava

Ava is nice, but i always have to sit next to her in everything so it gets annoying

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