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Do you believe in give love and get love back in return ?

licanakarime’s Profile PhotoAna Karime Bichsel
you would think the universe has a law yo make it so.
However , just enjoy the time you got with someone you loved and admired

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I want someone to give me something to go off of

an expensive car payment is a pretty good push, because I aint paying for it

is marriage necessary?

if you are into a mumbo jumbo religeon. or for tax perpuses. They main one is your children

Are you a perfectionist?

yes. in my line of work Im forced to partisipate in.. no fucking pay!!! fuck you guys for bringing this back. I tried to let you walk. But no. you kept pkaying with fire and trying to set me up. Kudnapping in Fresno!! Your lucky I didnt turn on you then. instead I warned you. Thank you for everything.
i am not allowed around you. Im trying not to use what happened with ICE.. oh thanjs for lying. I was told a hired hitman was in there and had you all captive. i knew nothing about the others. But leave it to you to lie about me hating Mexicans. What a crock if shit. i was doing what any father would do.
did i not tell you everything at the door? you all brought that on yourselves by treating me like a punk that doesnt. care about his kids. i was trying to look out for all you. Im the only one with loyalty
you used that racist piece of shit Karr's bullying you into signing that report. Remembee? All Mexicans rape and beat their woman.
2 days later it was dropped. never went to court because it was bullshit. But you did that to Greg and Ed too. You took a tragedy in my life. A very racist moment n my life and you exploited it to have me raped. I was innocent. However you all are rapest.
Nothing can change that. I was racially profiled as usual when it convient. But you knew the truth. whats up with all these politicing motherfuckers? Theyre going to show they dont believe their own bullshit. Thats why I dont respect anyone incapable of walking and handling their buusness alone.
me? Im always alone. it keeps the back stabbing 2 faces no goods away

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Are you a French fries cause I would love to ketchup with you 😉

aint nothing happening , man. Im just hoboing it and humoring myself

Why would an ex who’s distant and quite cold tend to stalk or watch you on social media whenever he feels the need to??

crime if
passion. A lot of suckers sucking up them wolf tickets. Only me and her know whats real. Suddenly these strangers arrive and thunk they kniw something. when they donr imiw me or the situation. Mission bous

What does it mean when a girl will only text you and never answers her phone when you call?

shes git something going in with someone else. Hey use it for what its worth


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