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Good distractions for bad mental health days?

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i’d say going out, or meeting up with your friends watch something funny on netflix, go to the gym that could help massively

find real love and live happily or have all the money in the world but be lonely?

being in love and getting your heart broken is probably worse than feeling lonely, so i’d rather have all the money in the world and feel lonely but if i had to choose between getting the love of my life back or have all the money in the world i would choose them
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what’s the most scariest thing about the ocean? personally I’d say it’s the jellyfish 😭

sharks. they’re my worst fear

Does money buy happiness

no it doesn’t, no matter how much money you have, your problems are still there. money may buy happiness temporarily but not permanently

I have just moved in to a new house and sometimes there is too much noise coming from the kids playing on the park across the road, how can I stop the park being used when I'm at home?

a park is the whole point for kids to have fun, life is sad let them enjoy it whilst they can, if it bothers you that badly move again :)
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