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I've had feelings for this girl for a long time now. It's hard to keep this hidden. Kinikimkim ko lang siya ever since, pero nabibigatan na ko sobra. As in, I can't focus on more important things dahil dala-dala ko to. I'm not ready for a relationship. But I somehow wish she knew how I felt. Advice?

Kung ako lalaki, kung available ang girl I'll pursue her but not to the point of obsession or stalking. Befriend her genuinely, know her. Keep your intentions pure. Pero focus ka dapat sa life mo din. Malala na tama mo kung nadi distract ka because of her. Control yourself. Yun lang.

Are you a good listener or you make everything about you in every chance you get in a convo?

I am a good listener. Kalain sad ana uy. Give and take dapat.

I'm 25 , short and petite, younger guys tend to approach me from time to time . And as much as I don't mind age gaps , i feel weird dating or even entertaining younger men , I mean those guys still in univ. 18 up. I felt too old for them or what 😂 Ako lang ba?

Same. Mas gusto ko ka batch ko.

Have you ever felt that people only act like they care because they might need something from you?

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Do not think like that. If they do think like that, it's on them. Let God punish those who do wrong, just do the right thing always.

In this era, ano na sa tingin mo purpose ng relationship (bf/gf) A. To evade ones loneliness B. To have partner in lust C. Try and error D. For moral support E. To boost ego ( I didnt include love, bcz the ithink theres no absolute love in these days, soplease chooseonlyoneanddontaddoptions)

None of the above.

Tangina sa part na ako yung kailangang mag adjust. If not, people always choose to leave. 😭😭😭

Let them. Be you. The ones who stay will be true. ❤️

highschool friends or college friends?

Syempre all. Apil pa elementary ug preschool friends. Hahahaha.

Would you struggle if you have a baby face at 27? Like napapagkamalan kang HS student, haha

Dili man.

How would you feel or react if someone said that you're their peace?

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Syempre flattered. You bring peace to their life not chaos. Pinaka lami madunggan na compliment.


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