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Do you think it's possible to have a childless marriage? Or should I just settle in being single and childless?

It's possible with proper communication and setting of expectations.

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Kapag po ba binubully ka na sa work, ano po magandang gawin? Magresign o hayaan lang po sila? Help.

Depends what kind of bullying but focus on why you are working. You didn't work to please people and make friends.

Okay lang ba na iask ko partner ko kung pwede nya i-delete/i-hide yung mga posts at photos ng ex nya sa fb? Hindi ako komportable

Yes, out of respect sa relationship niyo.

Namimiss ka ba ng tao kapag tinanong niya kung bakit di ka na nagpaparamdam?

No, sometimes they're just curious but it doesn't mean they miss you.
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Tips para magka flat stomach huhu

Naku! I need tips on this too. What helped me even if I don't workout is just drink warm water. No sweets.

paano ko sasabihin sa ka-talking stage ko na ayaw ko na ???

Tell them straight. Better to be honest in an earlier stage to set proper expectations.

"Kapag 20+ kana at virgin kapa ibig sabihin dimo pa naeenjoy buhay mo" Thoughts on this?

I believe everyone is different. Our priorities are different. What makes us happy and content with life are all different.


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