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Do you like Marvel or DC Universe

i’m torn between the two because on one hand, i have a huge crush on thor but on the other hand, batman is kinda cute

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What’s an opinion you have about whatever that you can’t seem to get people to agree with you on ?

i think people should just dare it sometimes and make the first move because often times, a lot of us hold back and we miss out on the best opportunists or chances. but i mean there are downsides to this like coming off too strong yada yada but yea

I heard recently a lot ppl say ure v envious of others but they don't know that u don't give a damn abt what others have hah cont. to ignore them ok u will b bttr

um,, envious?? i don't actually have anything to be envious about. i have many things in my life that i am very grateful for. but yea, i really couldn't care less about what people have to say about me so yea i'll be ignoring them for sure. thanks :)


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