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1st Nov will be my crush birthday but due to some misunderstanding, she ignore me and other things, hurting me in the process. I bought her a present and wrapped it up myself a year ago on her birthday but she refuse to meet me. Until now i still keep her present. Am i dumb af? What should I do?

honestly i have no idea... i know the feeling when you want to give your crush present but you can't maybe you should just TRY to give her the present.. u NEED to TRY giving her the present it isn't easy but if SHE really means that much to you i am SURE you can do it! hwaiting!

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"My physics better than u okay dun step la cb want talk cock come face to face settle dun hide behind your phone la" (go Google preach)

ooh u good at physics ah teach me leh
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Yes we better go out every day XD and yeah in kindergarten when we have the speech and drama lesson you like to sit at one corner and cry until the teacher/principal come carry you away or scold you and got one time you made me do it with you hahah. And I remember we used to wait for school bus tgt.

how is your memory so good omg. i cannot remember anything sia?
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