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Spell your crush's name in emojis:) A:? B:? C:? D:❤️ E:?F:? G:? H:? I:? J:? K:? L:? M:? N:? O:? P:? Q:☺️R:? S:? T:☀️ U:? V:?W:? X:? Y:? Z:?

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HAHAHA actually it's me lol I was skyping cb and Ryan then this idea suddenly came out lol u can Guess who am I pretty Obv le

lmao guoxiong no balls

Yijing,it has been months since I like you. I like you a lot. I had been keeping this to myself and not having the courage to tell u.... but today I summon one's courage to confess to u... I like u.... pls be my gf....

unanon eh

you like brian ? your snapchat you keep going out with him and you take picture of him worhh you confirm going to be like , bestfriends only

i dont think it affects you though so stop asking
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