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oh i see u like to get down & dirty ;} id like to see you get down and dirty on me :-*

Oh my god no, but would you like some water or gatorade for that thirst?
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I don't mind. as long as ill be spending that much time with you, i'll enjoy every bit of it.

So why don't you start by telling me something about you. like maybe hmm idk YOUR NAME!
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what the heck? if you tell them, you'd have to kill them?

Can you let me live my movie star moment. they always say that line in the movies, so i wanted to try it out myself. :)
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What the hell is wrong with that anon? I think it's on dope. Seriously if that shit doesn't understand how beautiful you are, then that shit must be retarded. Just pretend that shit is actually a shit and you're flushing it down the toilet;)))

moomookhan’s Profile PhotoMou Khan
Lmao don't worry that shit didn't get under my skin. Not even a single bit. I am confident in myself & idc what anyone thinks of me. Adios mothafuckers :)
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I Just Want To Make Sure That When You Wake Up, You Know That Ive Been Thinking About You Alot Lately. Hope You Had A Good Sleep & A Wonderful Day!

Aww thats so sweet :) thank you :*
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"I want you to consume my D" I think he means he had vitamin D's that he'd like for you to eat. Get your head outta the gutter

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shut up mou. how about you consume my D?
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