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What kind of person are you?

I’m a understanding person but I think I’m too nice. It’s something I’m working on. It’s only caused me problems and hurt. I need to change and start seeing people for what they are.

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Can you be healed by the same person that hurt you?

No I would rather start over and focus on moving forward. And they should too

the worst advice someone has given you?

Be open to others. Sounds like good advice but it’s not with the wrong people

How to let go the person who don’t love you?

Go out and stay busy. The more you do things for yourself and not think about them time will eventually allow you to let them go.
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If someone turned you down for someone else, would you date them again if you had a chance?

No. I tried that once, they will turn you down again and honestly it’s a waste time. People like that make me think they were dating someone seriously while dating or talking to you casually. Then they decided to cut you off for them. Could be over thinking but that’s how it comes off 🤷🏾‍♂️

Have u ever been enlightened? With what?

People will hang onto the first impression of you forever. However they treat you or try to do to you, is how they see you.

Would you like your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend to be both smarter and more attractive than you?

I don’t believe someone is smarter. I do want someone with something to offer intellectually. They can be good in a area I’m not
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I’m not ready. Like you that when it comes to that. And that it has came. Badly. I don’t want to be hated if I do or don’t because you won’t. But i definitely need a conformation first because I was done really bad. But understand if no.


Would you take someone back who chose someone else over you?

I did that once and that same person canceled two dates on me, then did the same thing. Do not do that shit lol. Them people got issues.


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