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The Chinese are coming whether we like it or notl

I thought they were here already, you're one of those people that likes to point out people's race, shame on you

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Communication is only hard for somebody that don’t wanna be with you

Or they're stupid, and forgot like me

Don't let anything underestimate you

Lol you should let them underestimate you, make them bet on it and win them walk away with their money

I do miss u and sometimes I still think I’m in love with you

I don't love any girl I have to go long periods of time missing

Hot showers or cold showers?

Just make sure you're scrubbing yourself, personally if you shower in the cold you're either waiting for it to turn hot or the devil

❄️Women don't use logic when making decisions it's pure emotions and passion ❄️

Cheating with a passion lowers life expectancy

I think it's so funny how you try to act like you can't spell when you trying responses. 😘

What's even funnier is sometimes it's not an act, it's autocorrect


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