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Baby I would die for YOu

thats to easy. would you live for me...hmmm? Careful! Do not say this oath thoughtlessly!..desire becomes surrender! surrender becomes power!

Can u learn how to be street smart

Sure...but you got to get your education from the School of Hard Knocks! You have to get your degree in common sense and a doctorate in heart!

How have you been lately? Be honest 💖✨

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
Troubled...can't see where I'm going or how I got here. What my next move should be. Not quite trapped but definitely not moving either...at times a bit unhindge barely holding on. Other than that I'm great!
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Is it gay for men to do their eyebrows?

Only if you're sucking him off while you're getting it done... but if you're sucking him off for 20 bucks while you're getting your eyebrows done... 20 bucks is 20 bucks. It's not gay its just a business transaction at that point.

Do you ever feel like someone avoids you irl?

aclownlikeme8’s Profile PhotoLottie
Naaa...and if they do..
So what..for every person that does there are 25 more that will check it out.

Do people actually meet and date each other off of here?

Yes...many people do...its literally a cornucopia of origies, they are willing to do it with any one at any time... just not with you...


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