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hi i am the official butt checker we need to see yours and see if it meets the official requirements please post a picture of it for inspection

Bro I am at an event. When I get home I promise I will text you back

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If someone that you like stalks you on Instagram but doesn’t say anything to you online and only says hi when they see you irl, would you assume they’re interested or no?

This boy that obviously likes me named Miles is always looking at my Instagram I think over the summer I am going to keep in touch with him through Instagram. I like him too

Do you ever think back to the days where there were more active users on here or do you feel indifferent towards how askfm is these days?

ASKfm has always been ask

I have sort of a dilemma going on. Due to recent events, I have questioned my religion. I believe in Reincarnation and Christanity. Is it ok to believe in both or just one? Mind you, there are 15+ other forms of Christianity

Your right there is Roman Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Jehovahs Witness, orthadox just to name a few

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Les russes m'ont empoissoné au point ou j'avais un petit trou dans mon tube digestif. Ce qui me donnait la diarrhée. Et il est pas impossible que j'ai eu le cancer. J'ai eu sur le dos le mossad, le fsb et un traficant de drogue. Puis l'idiot de père qui m'a détruit inutilement.

Maintenant les Russes t'empoisonnent ça devient fou

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Et n'oublions pas ce que l'ex premier ministre anglais a fait a cause de cette personne qui s'est mise en danger en venant dans ma ville et ou l'agent infiltré ma fracturé des côtes dans une agression sordide qui a réveillé toutes ma famille.

So now the English prime minister broke into your villa and broke your ribs. This is a great story, we got some James Bond and Jason Borne shit

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Vos collègues de la sgrs me l'ont certifié. Ceci certifie surtout que tout ces hackeurs avait juste un seule but : ciblé les intérêts de la palestine en s'attaquant a toutes les personnalités connues voire même des institutions de soccer.

How did Palestine get into this?


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