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I'm thinking of getting one of Falcom's new books, Itsuka Anata to Ochai wo, but I'm not sure whether or not foreigners can partake in the campaign they're running right now. Do you know if it's possible?

I don't know for sure. I'll tweet to Falcom to ask right after this to see if they'll answer.

Would you like to see a fully voiced Vita port of the Sora no Kiseki games? Personally, I look at scenes like Star Door #14 and find that having fully voiced dialogue would ruin the scene entirely, but also the nuance of a lot of other scenes. What's your take?

I personally think it would depend on how it was done, if that makes sense? That's how I felt about some of the scenes with Ao no Kiseki, because of its minimal voice acting, it was able to perform a wild plot reveal entirely through the media of the game- which was brilliant... but that won't be possible now. Conversely, many of the scenes in Ao Evolution have been deepend (odd choice of words, I know) with the new voice acting...
As a result, I suspect that there may be some good, some bad-but I think if Star Door 14 is handled well, it could be an incredibly creepy experience. ---that's only if Chara-Ani decided to keep the PC version. A thing to remember is that it was heavily censored in the PSP version vs the PC version.
However, Chara-Ani has done a few things that might imply that they're looking into it. While they did a Sora no Kiseki Evolution april fool's joke earlier this year, they also posted a survey on the Ao no Kiseki Evolution demo- so it looks like they are, at least, doing a few things to gauge interest on such a thing.

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What's your favorite piece of falcom collectible merchandise that you own? (Would love to see pictures too, or perhaps even an article on some of the cooler items!)

Thanks for the really fun question!
While it's not really a post or a single, simple answer- I did a video response this time around. You can find it here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzsQl45ZXpIAskEndlessHistory’s Video 113531108135 jzsQl45ZXpIAskEndlessHistory’s Video 113531108135 jzsQl45ZXpI
In short, my personal favorites are a Korean replica of Joshua's harmonica, my pom pouch from Nayuta no Kiseki's limited box, the crocheted poms my friend made for me, and a few other trinkets.
It's like Falcom music! It's hard to make a decision, especially as I've been collecting them for years.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest Kiseki maiden of them all!?!

Popularity via Fandom? Probably Estelle or Renne. My opinion? Ries. Totally.

Why do certain people think Sora no Kiseki the Third is an unnecessary part of the series despite so many other sources indicating it's important for the later games?

This is because of what's expected from something that's seen as a 'gaiden' or 'dungeon crawler.' And to give them credit, this game is those two things. It is a side-story and it is a dungeon crawler.
I suspect that it may be related that to the fact that, for some reason, these two things seem to also come with the stigma that 1) a gaiden is unimportant to the main storyline, and 2) dungeon crawler games don't have a story.
Sora no Kiseki the 3rd has one of the most touching stories of the series, and the reason I love it is that I'm a complete sucker for redemption stories- which this is! And it's a brilliantly written one at that. You just also get the added bonus of MORE world building in a format that the first two games couldn't accomplish due to the nature of their own storytelling.

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What level of proficiency in Japanese would you say is required to play the Kiseki series?

The Kiseki series is probably one of the hardest series I've played in Japanese. The primary reason for this is because it's notorious for stepping out of the bounds of the common use kanji that you're taught in school. I'm not anywhere near fluent, but I still understand a large amount of what I read, and I still find myself digging for my dictionary with these games fairly often.
I would try your hand with an Ys game first- since it's definitely Falcom's writing style, and try playing it in Japanese, and slowly work your way up from there, to test your level of proficiency.
However, I will also like to note that my skill of Japanese has gotten a LOT BETTER since I played FC back when it first came out in Japanese- and I'm willing to put a lot of credit to this series for that. I can even recognize the strangest kanji now and then because of this series.

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http://i.imgur.com/6K4mc6E.png Comments like this amaze me; why is there such a strong interest in Sen localization by westerners, despite constant attempts to reason that the game relies on a large overarching story?

Sorry this took so long to answer! I hadn't checked ask.fm in awhile.
I like to think that it's because it's a flashy (har har) game. It's the first to break the sprite appearance. I see it for superficial reasons, personally. I don't think I've personally seen anyone provide any sort of answer beyond superficial reasons of appearance of the game, outside of a "just because I want it." If anyone can, I would love to hear it. When you look at the past games, they're on modern systems (not just PSP- the original trilogy + Zero are on PC, as well- with Zero and Ao (as of next month) going to be on PS Vita also)- so there's no real excuse to skip titles outside of "FC didn't sell well here."
I suspect that the *only way* we'll see the series continue in the west is if SC sells well enough to justify the work that was needed to do it. So these people really need to put their money where their mouths are and purchase FC (if they haven't! I bet some of them haven't played it!) and SC when they come out- I don't care what platform it's on.
Most people don't even really know/understand details of the game. These people were propagating the statement started by Gematsu and Siliconera that the game is a *prequel* to the first game, and thus making it more friendly to newcomers. Most of the people, from what I've seen, who have said such things are only familiar with the series via the first game, so they really don't know the extent that the games go to tell a continuous story- FC doesn't really convey how the story works over multiple games all that well. You really don't get a glimpse of that until 3rd- when it shows you all the dangling plot threads left behind from FC/SC- and adds more to the bunch. Only then do you really start to see the scope of this game series, in my opinion.

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Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

y helo thar, reddit?
depends on what kind of weapons I'm allowed to use! :D

Are you a mammal or bird? Can I get a straight-answer? I'm so confused.


As someone just starting to attempt playing imports, can you recommend some good resources? I.E, hand dictionary, kanji dictionary, grammar, etc? I'm about to try getting through Tales of Rebirth and the challenge is intimidating.

Austin Hopper
My first pieces of advice would be these things: learn your hiragana and katakana, and learn your radicals. With a combination of a Japanese --> English dictionary and a kanji dictionary, you should be able to get through most.
In the way of lesson books, my Japanese classes used the kana editions of Japanese for Busy People as well, and I've also heard that the textbook series 'Genki' is really really good, as well. You can find both of these series on Amazon with relative ease.

So are you male or female? Like, I saw the previous question, but can I get a straight-answer? I'm so confused.

My answer to the last time it was asked is how I always answer it. I'm generally open about my gender on twitter and sometimes when I make posts elsewhere, but I don't see a need to answer it directly. The important thing is that I'm here to provide news and information about Falcom and their games.

If were not a Falcom fan and did start esterior.net, where do you think you will be right now?

Probably not too far from what I'm doing now, just on a different focus. I was going to school for webpage design and learning Japanese when I became a Falcom fan. My first website was for the anime series Lost Universe, in fact... and I was also actively involved in the manga scanslation community.

Have you tried Youyou Kengeki Musou? It's a Touhou fan game which you may or may not be averse to, but it plays very close to Ys Oath in Felghana and Origins.

I've never really been a Touhou fan so I've not played it.

I'm not looking to start drama, but who are people to blame for Deuce? It was XSEED's decision to hire him not once, but twice, I think it's only fair to lack faith in the company. We also have no idea how competent Carpe Fulgur is outside of simple doujin games, SC could be a disaster too.

This answer certainly sounds like it's trying to start drama, unfortunately. As I said to Disgaeamad on twitter, we don't know the circumstances of any of the situations, and we are in no position to be able to make assumptions based on them. With the people I know, I don't know the details for this either.
This is, as I said before, a topic that I wish to keep at arm's length due to my connections- I didn't do that earlier and it was a bad move on my part. If you looked at my answer before on this topic, you could see exactly what I think with XSEED's work on Trails FC.
I would prefer not to have any more questions regarding this issue. I don't even have enough information to be able to give the answers everyone wants. I just think that this whole issue is, as I said in my earlier tweet, making a mountain out of a molehill. Take it one step at a time, and keep into account that they have said publicly on their forums that they intend to fix the issues in FC.
And for the record, I do not think FC was a "disaster." I think it could have been much worse; not only did we had the writing of an amazing editor working on it as well, but there was someone else I've talked about elsewhere on the project earlier on. Please keep these things in mind as well.

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What's your opinion on this http://ask.fm/Disgaeamad/answer/111553137344 ?

I've stayed on the sidelines of this, because while there are definite issues with this, there was incredible editing work on the script as well- enough so that I think it was the game's saving grace. Mind you, translation =/= editor, especially in this case.
But in a project of this scale, there is the potential for glaring errors to be missed when running through the script itself. I don't think the problem is as bad as it is in other cases, where it seems like the translator AND editor didn't have a single idea of what they were doing (*coughudoncough*) or whatnot.
However, while the issues are unfortunate, it's possible for the problem lines to be fixed in the script. I don't stand in such a 'negative' position as Dis does in his answer, because there were still some amazing things that did come out of the localized version of Trails in the Sky, all things considered. At least we didn't get anything like "I didn't have eaten a unusual today" in it. ;)

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What is more likely to darken the beach on the far side of the ocean first - Adol after falling off a boat, or Olivier's ever expanding ego?

Depends on whether someone is "babysitting" Olivier or not. I suspect Adol's luck with seafaring means his chances of falling off a boat are much greater than Olivier opening his mouth without someone smacking him. ;)

Do you stream? If so, where do you stream? I would love to see more falcom games being streamed.

I do stream! I'm a part of Sanctuary Crew Gaming on twitch at http://twitch.tv/sanctuarycrew/ - my username there is omgfloofy. It's been awhile since I've streamed, but I've been planning to pick up some sort of routine once or twice a week with it once again.

Do you think that not being fluent in Japanese should ever be a hindrance from enjoying non-localized games? It seems odd that people would rather wait years and years for a fan translation instead of just learning the language in half the time...

While it may be a hindrance and may make playing games difficult, I don't think it hurts to try. It's also an opportunity to open doors into learning some Japanese and gaining some awareness of the nature of it. I played Japanese games when I had very minimal understanding of the language, but I can give some games credit for getting me started.
It just takes patience and a willingness to keep a dictionary on hand, or to prod around blindly without thinking.
I also personally believe that learning a language is never a bad thing, no matter how 'silly' the reasons or circumstances seem. There's never a bad reason to learn something new, and especially since they've been able to prove that learning a foreign language is beneficial health-wise, as it will prevent you from dealing with things such as alzheimers in the future. Cultural enrichment and a method to curb a terrible illness when you're older? Score! :D

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How many years did it take for you to become fluent in Japanese? Also if you don't mind me asking, how old were you?

I'm nowhere near fluent. Part of the reason for this site is that it gives me practice to translate. But I've been reading Japanese long enough to feel confident in translating what I read. Unfortunately, I can't speak Japanese to save my life nor can I translate from English to Japanese. But I've kind of been immersed in the language for about 15 years at this point. I've taken about 2-3 years' worth of classes. At this point, it's mostly vocabulary that gives me issues- and occasionally conjugations and particles will trip me up.
Also, I don't mind at all. I turned 35 last week.

Have you ever tried Tombs & Treasure?

No, I've not! The opportunity never presented itself to me. I wouldn't be opposed to trying it though, and would love to one day.

What kind of non-Falcom games do you like?

I'm a fan of the Tales of series. I also really like Uncharted and Assassins Creed. I recently played the new Zelda on my 3DS, and I'm a nerd over Ace Attorney. I'm mostly a fan of action games and RPGs, though.

What gender are you? "Floofy" is a bit ambiguous to me...

I'm a very floofy guy. :D The nickname came when a friend online thought I was a guy was trying to convince RL friends that he was right. They were all, '....no?'
When they proved it, he was all, "This whole time I just thought she was a very floofy guy!!'
...and the nickname just stuck.


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