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MAN! what is up with cool stuff? Like HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR TRANSMOG GAME or HOW TO BE AN ELITIST IN WOW??? You seem to be leaving behind your badass nature and only doing calm ramble / newstalk? THINGS ARE NOT GOING RIGHT HERE!!!

I know man ! I will again soon

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You mentioned doing a crafting stream as well as an achievement stream, I just wanted to let you know that I would absolutely love to see both of those, they peak my interest!

Joshua Haislip
thanks for letting me know :D
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Sorry to bother you but I didn't want to mention your channel without consent, would it be ok if I put your channel on a top 5 most helpful WoW Youtubers video?

Sure man :D
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This page is dead, your content is getting stale. Hopefully Legion revives you. but when it comes to a money making aspect, you need to set up a twitch schedule or your chances at this internet marketing bubble are going to fade.

I don't use the page a lot because the website layout is shit now >.<
I hope so too though
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Hello Asmongold!It'd be awesome if you did some series of videos for transitioning to Legion during first days of expansion. Like: priorities, things to avoid, must-do things etc. Or whatever you think would be useful during first weeks. p.s. i saw many wow youtube channels but yours is my favourite

Sergey Pavlenko
Yeah I need to lol I haven't really played beta that much though

Guardian Druid or Blood DK for Legion? I really like both and I can't decide what I want to main.

I can't make that decision for you

hey asmongold, i heard on stream you said TSM (the addon) was breaks blizzard's TOS, could you give bigger explanation?

Vinny Nguyen
I don't think I said TSM broke the ToS? I thought it was another addon.
Regardless, the reason was because they asked people to pay for something related to the addon and Blizz states in the addon ToS that everything should be 100% free
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Hello asmongold. i was wondering if your event also includes a mythic hfc run? or is it just for the heroic moose mount?

Carl E Hogue
heroic mooses only when I do the runs

Can you/have you done a series on the basis of WoW? I've played off and I since WoW first came out and it seems like there's allot of secrets that aren't known unless you've played four years straight. An example is that when I started playing again I had no clue there was a legendary ring.

Christian culverhouse
I don't really, because they change so much, honestly man you just have to get into it and figure it out on your own because things change so often

Hey Asmongold, Im a huge fan and have been subscribed for awhile now and I see you are doing the moose is loose 2. I just wanted to ask how can I contact to be 100% secure into this group? If thats not possible how is the quickest way to get in since Im not on your server, thanks babe!

cj spence
Just queue up in the group finder next time I do one


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