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It's not him I'm worried about

DontcallmeSans’s Profile Photo⟥G▫e▫n▫o⟤
⚡Ncht' Awwww don't worry for that Geno, i'll be ok ⚡
_Berry pecked Geno's cheek then gived a small hug to him_
⚡After all, Error has my soul on his void ⚡
_Said relaxed )?)_

You're correct.. I'm an alien my kind's called the Skrix.*she hugs him enjoying the affection* The surface I've been stuck on Eah- rth for a while now. The surface is nice and very sunny but... Humans aren't welcoming to me. The humans up there always try to capture me.Intentions to hurt me..

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
_Berry were truly amazed after hearing her response, now wanting to know more of her kind of specie, hugging her too with a big smile_
⚡ Wowzers, That's so cool to hear!!, Can you tell me more about your kind, please? ⚡
_asked with a genuine intention, now stopping for a second after hearing how bad were the human kind to her, becoming worried instantly_
⚡ The humans, were bad to you, i apologize for that little one, maybe some of them are bad but believe me, There's another who already are good ones!
Maybe just you had bad luck for the first time or meeting those bad first ⚡
_berry tried to explain meanwhile he took her up for a moment, maybe she could feel cold or something and as the magnificent Sans couldn't let that happen!_

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*her fluffs up slightly startled by the sudden hug when he sets her down she backs away a bit*Im-m not a monster.. I'm from up there...! Not human or monster just me...*she points upwards * But it's an honest mistake to make! I don't belong here but.. I promise I'm no threat to you or anyone else..!

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
_Berry listened at Neo carefully, now changing his expression to an amazed one instantly_
⚡Hmmmm. . . You're what humans call "an alien", doesn't it? ⚡
_berry asked softly, watching her reactions with atention while hearing her response_
⚡ do not fear little Neo, i'm sure and you're not gonna hurt anyone, i believe on you ⚡
_complains with a soft smile, stroking her head a bit_
⚡ So, you belong on the Surface, am i right? How's everything on there? ⚡
_asked with his starry pupils, feeling really excited_
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⚡ ¡Hola humano anónimo! Estoy ahora mismo en casa descansando un momento antes de hacer mis actividades habituales por supuesto ⚡

A todos los vatos los invito a explorar se su punto G es lo más placentero en el mundo! Y no tiene nada de malo, ni te harás gay por eso. De nada 👋

⚡ Uh. . . ⚡
_Berry se sintió un tanto incómodo por alguna razón_

Cómo conociste al amor de tu vida?

⚡ Es una historia bastante chistosa la verdad ⚡
_suspiró bastante melancólico_

I'm N-neo..! *Her high pitched voice chirped out a response seeming quite nervous about something she does step closer offering her hand to shake. Neo only had three fingers black claws replacing where her fingertips would be.* Who are you..?

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
⚡ Mwehehe, Neo? That's a cool name! ⚡
_Berry took her tiny hand to a friendly handshake, then, taking her up on a big but kind hug_
⚡ Behold little creature, because I THE MAGNIFICENT SANS, is pleased to meeting you!, I'm a future royal guard of course but still the greatest! ⚡
_he chuckled happily_
⚡ Tell me little Neo, what kind of monster are you? You look pretty particular for me, b-being in good manner of course! ⚡
_he asked respectfully of course_
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♪ Veen quiero oír tu voz y si aún nos queda amour, impidamos que esto muera ♪

avanvax’s Profile PhotoVax
⚡ Oh, linda tonada, ¿Que canción es? ⚡

*The small alien gave an awkward yet friendly wave to berry*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
_the future royal guard looked at that small creature, feeling curious about it then waving back at it too_
⚡ Well greetings little fella, what's your name? ⚡
_asked with a friendly smile_
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(and hey mind if I talk to you about some things real quick f..first off ...t..there's this class I am actually paying attention in, trying hard in y..yet..''spmeone'' complains, he says I can't remember anything in that class but that isn't even true I remember all I can I can't remember everything

TheBrokenSkeleton(and AUs)
( hey, hello old pal! How's it going?
And don't worry, i don't mind, sorry for answering to late 💧
I got it, then, you do remember everything then? Or how is it? :0 )
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Hello Blue, my name is Timekid Vale. Nice to meet you. ^^

Timekid Vale
⚡ Mwehehe, hello little fella!, Nice to meet ya too!, I'm the magnificent sans! ⚡
_answers with a big smile on face, offering his hand to him for a handshake_

// Volvemos a la programación habitual \\

BerrySans’s Profile Photo⚡》Underswap!Sans [Berry]《⚡
¡¡Hey, que tal! ¿Cómo os ah ido?
Espero que todos (los que aún siguen por aquí) se encuentren bien ✨
Han sidos creo un par de años o año bastante largos, dónde la verdad muchos cambios han sucedido en mi vida
Pero bueno, nunca es tarde para volver a comenzar o continuar creo
⚡ " ¡Mwehehe, el magnífico sans ah vuelto! " ⚡

M!A: Blue se creerá la mera verrrga (No, no pongas eso xD) M!A: Blue será un peleonero, irresponsable, sinvergueza y mala persona|| Dur: 4 días

[[ Haha! Hace mucho que no hacía un M!A xD.
Con gusto lo vuelvo un joputit@ jsjsjsjsjs ]]
_ un humo azul rey cubrió el cuerpo del arándano completamente, pasados segundos disipandose para dejar a un arándano que si no bien igual que siempre estaba algo alterado no diciendo "pesado" en sentido de humor _
[[ Concha de relleno bcz quise ]]
MA Blue se creerá la mera verrrga No no pongas eso xD MA Blue será un peleonero


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