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Are you a “Swiftie”?

No lol, she's suddenly gotten like JB was in like 2009 🤣 way over hyped way too much government voting influence as well.

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Lisa gives you 200 a week allowance and Donna has to look after you like a baby and make sure your food is cut up ? 🙄 gurl you need to grow up

Sorry but you don't understand so don't comment on it !

What are you doing?

Waiting for Donna to cut up some kielbasa and cheese for a afternoon snack, Lisa said she will cut up my steak tonight since Donna has to attend a appointment so thats solved at least!

Who the fuck is this Jolianne Desrosiers bitch and why is she pretending to be me by stealing my pictures off my Snapchat ?

bxsicbxddy’s Profile PhotoJoliane Desrosiers
You're kinda weird for saying this stuff in third person and idk what you're talking about so it's confusing

Do you get stiff wood in the morning

Females can get it but not like men its more its a small change... but everyone is different I've experienced such things but maybe some other female hasn't maybe it depends on the vulva "not gonna say the word i want because it'll get flagged"

What happened to the other people that used this account?

Well from the username it was supposed to be like a shared account between 4 other people but they got bored of posting here so i just turnt it into my private account to keep it active


Mama i miss you, coming soon, I go home i cry, when then I see my photo album i don't forget about my bereza friend Moscow is great


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