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You can't always get what you wanttttt

I just wanted my wife! I'm backing off I'm not loved or wanted that's cool. I know my worth what I deserve and what I don't. Trust my head is held high no regrets. Gn. Enjoy your weekend.

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I didn’t call my mom w/ ALS until 4 pm yesterday. She made me pay for it, dragging my soul over coals by acting 3x as sick as usual. Had to explain that this is very hard 4me & I need to tune out 2day & I don’t have friends to help , I have L & Co ATTACKING me & I need to escape rn

Smh that's a shame you don't understand or know how much I love you. I see what you want. I have my answer and I know now how you really feel. You don't have to worry about me anymore. There. Now I made the hard decision for you. I loved until there wasn't anything else to love. I wish you the best. I really do. I appreciate helping me become the man I am today. Enjoy your weekend.

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how many friends do you have?

Enough where I'm on that Drake no new friends vide, never tell your left hand what the right is planning. I know the game and play it well.

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Should i dump my broke partner for someone rich? I have no job currently. I want to be spoiled and I don’t want to work. My partner doesn’t make me work but they’re not rich so i’m not super spoiled how I want to be. I’m very physically attractive and i’m young.

If that works for you go for it. Just have enough respect to tell the one you plan on leaving for money. 😂 Hope homeboy never loses a penny. Or hits rock bottom anything is possible. If he's rich trust boo you ain't the only one 💯 make your bed and lay in it.

Why did you cheat on me

Because I was young and childish. Foolish. Just young and dumb that was then now is a different story I'm on my grown a sexy shit! 💯

What if you met someone that was rich and you thought they were poor would you judge them differently before you new?

Money is paper! It means nothing. The only reason it does is because our government says so fact's 💯 if they said differently right now public announcement all money is now useless all rich people are commiting suicide 😂

Have you ever been polite to someone when you felt like banging their head onto a wall?

😂 yes! I love it 💯 tell me more tell me more. Uh huh uh huh 😂

U kno where I am and u kno I'm single, nobody wants me but u

Private message me, so I can know who this is. No more no less.

is it a red flag if a person has no friends

No it's a red flag if they have many friends or more than one. You only get one good friend some are lucky and blessed to have more but it's rare.
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Do you think you know who I am

😂 I don't give a shit if it was flying on a saucer of you was any kind of man or a real one you wouldn't seem so happy about making such a pussy move. I drag my balls when necessary 😂


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