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are you afraid of flying by plane? I don't understand those who are afraid, flying is very pleasant! the best way to travel is by plane!✈️🛩🛫🛬

I do enjoy it cos usually it mean im going on a holiday again.
Even that i flew over 50 times i still got that little bit of... not being afraid but nerveousness 😃
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anyone bored of being single?

Sometimes a little bit , then i remember whats it like to be in a relationship these days and im allready feeling better

Have you ever told someone your age and they went no way that you're that old

Usually the opposit ,people think im a lot younger

How do you usually spend your New Year’s Eve?

Usually get fucked up, but last year a sat home with covid.. ans this year i havent really made plans 😂 maybe im getting old


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