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Look I'ma tell who I am just so maybe you'll talk

Whoooo are you who who who who Whoooo are you who who who who I really wanna knooooow 🎶

Revenge or forgiveness?

Forgive is hard but it’s for the betterment of self. As the lord says in the Bible Vengeance is his he will repay accordingly, and forgive for the measure you do the Heavenly Father will forgive you(paraphrasing) last part

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What’s the hardest thing you had to accept in life and how did you cope with it and move on?

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Everybody not gonna accept you for who you are or what you stand on apart from their own beliefs or ego when you seperate the fake from real or expectation from reality falsehood from truth and you have to be okay wit that when they don’t wanna be receptive
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Do you think you changed a lot after becoming an adult vs when you were a teen?

Maybe the times change and maybe it don’t seem like it but just had to adjust

This is why I keep to my self your off in a relationship now and I got dumped on every chance why I never tell anything close to my heart

You not the only one who gets dumped on and feel that way

Nowadays u gotta be prepared to never talk to someone ever again & move on.

Crazy right cause you might be the one doing it or somebody do it you

Do you ever listen to music that you can’t relate to or don’t agree with when it comes to the lyrics but you still listen because you love the way it sounds?


Whats there to be proud of?

Waking up another day and being alive/ to be better than you were the day before. That’s a start count your blessings first no matter how small
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I am working for a toxic company with abusive managers but cannot find another job. What do you guys do in these situations ?

Gotta plan your escape before they stress you out take your time but there are other jobs out there too

gingerosity - the act of giving while being Ginger

What if it’s ginger ale is that acceptable 😂

I wanted to thank you you have given me so much inspiration for so many different things can you believe it so thank you I'm going to start writing my own music too cuz the music or the songs today just can't say it like I want to

Let it flow naturally and find your own sound way wave and rhythm ✊🏾💪🏾👌🏾

Live & Learn 💯🤝🏽

Live and learn hanging on thee edge of tomorrow live and learn you may never find your waaaay 🎶💯

Yes you made it obvious that you rejected me because I wasn't like the other women that you go for but shall we go there seriously take a look at them and take a look at me there is no comparison & you know it I may be a bigger girl but I am not ugly not to mention I have a lot more between my ears

There is also plenty more fish and the sea and someone that’ll love you for you too

I'm ashamed about what I'm about to do right now but oh well what else can I do

You can pray that’s what you can do

Why are religious freaks so obsessed with judging anyone who isn't married or has children. As if this was a requirement. Is this 1950 lol

Single ppl and ppl with too many kids get judged too bro wym lol

What would u do if someone wouldn't stop cheating on u but Everytime u tried to leave them or get them to leave u by telling them it's over and how much u hate them now and don't love them they started hitting u or pulling ur hair out and screaming as well as get u fired from ur job

Don’t tell them when or what you about to do when you do block them and get a restraining order

😆😆😂😂😎 If this isn't a government run app I don't know what is 😃😂😂😂😆😆😆

Lmao facts


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