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lmao what did you do that was so bad that time

Well me and my sister wanted to wear our church shirts to school so we snuck them in our backpacks and changed into them on the bus and back into our jeans after school lol

lmao wow that is pretty good how old were you the last time I think I was 13

Probably 11 or 12 maybe younger I can't even remember!!

lol have you ever got the belt that was my parents cure to brattyness

Oh heck yes! I've only been spanked a few times like 10 times at the very most because I was a good kid for the most part

whats the worst punishment you ever got growing up for doing something bad or crazy?

Once I complained about a Christmas present and mom took all my gifts back to the store lol
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Sorry I was just really mad that day, lol he kinda caused it. But I do agree he needs to be apart of that baby girls life. But it's really none of my business so I'm just gonna shut up. But Hadleigh is seriously the cutest baby ever!!!!

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Thanks girl!

I THINK JACOB NEEDS TO GROW UP. I'm sorry, but he's being immature. He has a child. And a girlfriend and he needs to take care of both of them! He's being a child! Sorry.. I had to complain to someone.. Lol. How's Hadleigh? He gets prettier everyday!

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Well honestly ali should be able to take care of her self. He needs to take care of hadleigh! she is being put on the back burner behind his partying and ali

Why don't you let jake see his daughter?

First of all She's MY daughter. When he has done more than hold her for MAYBE 20 minutes her while life then maybe he can claim her. Secondly it's the wrong day to ask this because he just stood her up again. He can see her any time he wants he just chooses not to.
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