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How do i tell my parents i'm lesbian ? I'm scared any ideas?

Hey Sophie, honestly I would just recommend to take it slow first . It’s normal to be scared but first you should get an idea / get familiar of the setting around the topic with your parents first . See their reaction and take mental note when LGBTQIA+ members or events are mentioned and kinda see what everyone’s views are so you know who you can really trust and confide in . I want you to also remember that when you come out it may take them some getting used to but all in all just know you are worthy of love and are normal ❤️I promise you aren’t alone and probably aren’t the only 💅🏻 Person in your family ;) when you are ready to come out make sure you always have a back up plan . In case something goes wrong you can always call someone . When you tell your parents make sure they are in a good mood and aren’t busy . Give them lots of love and be ready to provide lots of info and research cause they are probably gonna ask how you knew how long when did u decide etc . Best of luck bestie 😌🤞🏻

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You've received the first hint of who your girlfriend/boyfriend is. Your hint is that they're are easily frightened.


How can I cope with dying alone

You’re not gonna die alone I promise <3 there is always someone there . A pet , a relative , a friend , or maybe even Siri lol . Fr tho please don’t think about dying . Love is out there and maybe it’s not in the romantic way . There is platonic relationships and that may include your best friend and they care for you so so much . You’re here right now and im so proud of you for it . You are here for purpose and you will soon find it . There is so much more tho in life to focus on in life than the end tho . You are the reason someone is happy to go to class , the reason someone smiles , and the reason someone is still here . You are loved and appreciated and wanted more than you could ever know . They might not say it but you are liked and envied . You may not see it . Idc how many times you call yourself ugly or whatever you are someone’s beauty standard somewhere ! they want what you have . Sorry for the long rant lol I tend to get off topic . But please have faith stay strong and think positively . Remember your thoughts become reality . If you think bad your life and thinking and way of being is all messed up and that’s all that surrounds you . It will change ya life the moment you speak all good to yourself and others and you will bring light to your life :)

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How to stop worrying about school, college, future?😭😭 im so stressed!!!

Everything is gonna be alright <3 it’s normal to be stressed at times especially when thinking about the future cause we don’t know what lies ahead of us , but if we focus too much on the future we don’t see what’s in front of us during the present and may miss out on the best times of our lives . Try to surround yourself with positive people and things that make you happy . Also here’s a reminder : there was a time in your life before now that you were stressed or upset and in that moment you probably thought life was over and it was the worst , no ? But you got over it and look where you are now ! If you can get through your toughest moments before then you can get through anything ❤️❤️ there’s always a positive in something you just got to find it :)) in school you could achieve your academic goals or help someone who needed a friend most or you could start a new trend or find a club you like. In college you could win many honors and rank too in your class and take pride in that . You can go to all the cool parties and meet new people or maybe even your soulmate . In the future you can buy your dream pet or house or car . Whatever your heart desires . This moment in your life may hurt right now but trust me better days are ahead of you ! You could have the best time in life later on and not even realize it ! So many amazing things are around you but you’re busy worrying about things you cannot control ❤️all will work out

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How do you usually start a conversation?

Depends on who it is tbh :) I’ll have to level out my texting style / language etc. towards the person I’m talking to . Usually I’ll just start out by sending reaction pics or memes to communicate . If that fails I’ll tell jokes or play those would u rather games .

Does my crush like me? We see each other at school and church. He’s in my grade. He will smile at me and his face will turn red when I see him. There’s more of the story,,but we have only talked twice. We make eye contact a lot. This has been going on 4 months. Do you guys have any advice for me?

Hey so blushing is a sure sign of attraction and it seems to me like there is some sort of connection already so don’t be afraid to build on that ;) my best advice is to just see what happens and don’t force or rush anything . Start out as friends and make sure both of y’all are comfortable around each other :) after a while he’ll notice that you’re cool and fun to be around and maybe that will let him know he wants u to be apart of his future in some way :) if u want to have fun during this time while you’re waiting I’d say just lightly flirt and keep things calm . If u then decide you want things to be serious and you don’t wanna play games anymore you can talk it out about boundaries and what you were looking for . If the reaction comes out negative that is okay bc there’s like 7 billion ppl in the world lol and it had nothing to do with u ❤️ you can say that atleast you put yourself out there and you had fun . If it comes out positive then congratulations <3 just remember to have fun and be safe and DO NOT settle for less just bc you like him , okay ? If he’s constantly leaving you on open and only texts you at night and is giving you one worded responses to the point where you feel like you’re the one putting all the work in … then leave him sis 😌 he’s not worth your time hun. Don’t be stressed okay . Just know if he wanted to he would . He would make time for you and do the most just to see you smile. Best of luck 🤞🏻 🤝

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I love it when warm piss comes out

Ah yes that little back drop too 🙂🥶‼️🙈 really makes it worth my while


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