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do you care if people dont say bless you? i dont say it because im not religious but i heard some people care

They say bless you to be nice. I cant get upset with someone for being nice, even if their niceness comes out in a way I don't prefer.

Is it ok if I ask you a question?

I'm getting tired of people asking this. The fuck is the point of this app again? Shoot your shot my god.

What fast food restaurant chain do you think is better, McDonald's or Burger King?

Used to be McD but they became a breakfast joint. So BK hands down.

YouTube music or Spotify Music?

Maysboi74boss95659’s Profile Photo1_Enlighten_Soul
Spotify all day hands down. Spotify was MADE for music. Youtube is a video app trying to pass itself off as a music app. My point is the music side of YouTube was an after thought.

How did u overcome trauma

It started by taking a very long ass nap. Never underestimate the power of sleep if you're in a bad place mentally.


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