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Can u please forgive me

I feel like you keep saying sorry and asking about forgiveness but then keep doing the actions that make you sorry...

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Lmk when u have an iPhone 15 and a Bugatti then your on my level

darkmagiciangirl782’s Profile PhotoDark'Magician Girl
Being grown up and mature is not caring about that stuff. I'm not gonna let you know anything when you sound like a kid.

last show you binged?

x_LaReinax’s Profile Photo✨ J A Y ✨
I've been binging a few episodes from a number of shows lately. HIMYM, Batwoman, One Tree Hill, Black Lightning... That's what I can think of rn. Some of the shows are ok and others are meh. There hasn't been a show recently that I've been able to focus fully on and wanted to binge straight thru.

How much time do you usually spend for shower 🚿?

ma00ou33’s Profile PhotoMasoud
It's hard to say bc I take a long time, but a lot of that time is just me in the bathroom, not in the shower.
And then when I'm washing my hair, I take longer in the shower.
So, probably about 40min max in the bathroom. It varies how much of that time is spent in the shower.
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