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Tell me ? why it is impossible to make friends on ask fm? Because a true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. I suppose askfm users do not like cracked eggs. )

Not all ask.fm users are perfect

What to say to a woman who keeps rejecting you? She has turned me down 11 times since Valentines Day

Move on. Someone else will love you!

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The fact that you judge me for being honest makes you a horrible person. In your eyes you may think you're the hot stuff, but in reality you're a total loser. Honest people will never love liars no matter who they are.

Facts I hate liars!

Why do you call poor people as peasants?

I don’t I call lairs and fake people peasants. Because they can not be trusted.

I accidentally tripped a pregnant woman & she tumbled on the ground because we’re both on the phone. My fault or hers? I didn’t help her get up.😡

I wouldn’t want this to happen to me. You’re actually a jerk!

Have you ever experienced while out in public and you noticed someone wearing the same clothes as you?

Twins similar but not same!

Whoever I mess with is my business ion owe nobody an explanation 🥳😘

Yeah, if you’re dating with me! It matters to me!

What are the consequences of dine-n-dash when one get caught?

If you don’t give good service it’s okay for me to walk out of the door.


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