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The person asking about how to stay cool with no a.c is an evil psycho spreading defilement to people that respond to their post. They are claiming they are sharing a twin bed with their father and they are both naked because it's too hot. Get this filth off this app!

Set up...

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I honestly feel bad for girls who have to deal with cheaters they deserve better n should be more careful

You should you bad idiot men who are attention seeking, insecure short dick men!
Sex isn't even a feeling your in a dream. You can't even feel your body, you can only view the dream from your eyes!

How are all the Queens doing tonight? ❤️

There's no queens I am the only one!
I see a bunch of insecure people, who wouldn't even fit in a category for queen!
Home of the brave land of the free!

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Have you ever keyed a car?

No I don't actually trip about other people! Unless they are purposely provoking me!

When you were in college, what did you do when you got completely tired of studying any subject?

Quit! I'm a failure! Explain it all the time!

Worse Thing About Loving You Wasn't You Leaving, It Was Hoping You'd Come Back. 💯

Wow that's really miserable no one is going back to blatantly getting disrespected!

Feel sorry for those anons…bullying ppl they never met in the shoutouts…. Sad what there life has come to…

A bunch of bad karma😈

Who posts more borderline psychotic, shallow indecent things on here, men or women?

The people who constantly sit in the anonymous side of questions and hide themselves!

Confession hour - I sometimes still cuddle with my dad on the couch. When I was little he used to pat my back while I would lay on his chest and I’d always fall asleep on him 😂 I was a total daddy’s girl

This ain't even your real dad lolz!

Need a boyfriend or a girlfriend

dkey4631’s Profile PhotoDestinee Key
Psh more then that I need to win the lottery, hide away! Maybe a guy for his sperm. But then hide away in a beautiful home, somewhere hidden by the beach!


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