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Frankly i should say that ex’s you had disgusting

Ummm my ex is your ex!
they all are ugly and gross but what was funny was your desperation to disrespect me, behind my back.
like do you wanna be me that bad?! You need baby madusa’s clout. You need to get a life bitch, maybe some union benefits to check your sexual health. Stop over listening to my life to copy me. I hate you sister! Just leave me alone and be a happy hoe alone.

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Was MLK a hero to you?

bormanet’s Profile PhotoEric B
Idk did the white b!Tches ever actually understand the movement or do they just like to hog all the dogs?!
Equality in love?! Never herd of it! Be careful who you sleep next to at night. They’re never actually yours!
Barbie was white but please remember who she was actually trying to look like!
Half of them are no ideals of beauty, let’s just claim the fact that they were a fad, a trend! The women who said “sexualize me!”But don’t “sexualize me!” in straight contradiction!
“Let’s be feminists” and fvck each other’s men for no reason! Getting further from the actual truth under the omen of love.
Black women are one of the loneliest creatures in this world of moral less faggots. Good luck trying to have a prosperous life, in a world of no hope.

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Be frickin honest! What was your HS GPA?

Idk over 2.0 I graduated .
I’m sure my iq is actually higher then yours. But you know what are you still doing believing that high school taught you anything?
Life is where you actually use your skills! If you never learned how to talk/treat people around you.
You will be another dumb person giving your genetics to a partner it’s not gonna work out with. Have a kid that probably hates you, and you hate it. Might only get a taste of love. Might never actually get to experience it to enjoy the actual high.

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