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I telling u the truth I would imagine the house was going to catch fire too sold it to smart gril for twice value hemm bar fire set by that out standing man Glen the fire in Texas go fund me. See apattern here now I'm nt lie cause ask me agian same answer cause I dimt have to remember li

kennethrowan99’s Profile PhotoKenneth Rowan
What are you saying?

Who that u know gives the best hugs ??

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
Is there really a art to the hug? I guess yeah kinda I like double cup cheeks and spread them while pulling in to my hips tightly, sound good?

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I had feelings 4 u I promise I no longer care for u

Thanks for finally telling me so I cN move on and stop waiting for you to come pretend some more.

Do you only get personal messages from people that really know you here? 🤔

I don't get messages, except from clumsy she puts me to sleep and is the only one with a shot or at least knows how adjust a back, people have no clue

Should I try to fix things after a small fight with my bby daddy or this to stupid after almost 6 years of this narcissistic behavior

6 years? Can't be that long

U take pleasure in hurting me

She sure did over and over like a sick game, she better watch her soul being like that is a path to hell

Have you spilled the beans?

Not yet because I still believe she cared for us, but I see now she was out to hurt me in vile ways and I lost my respect for her. Again

Job why u think that cause the drunk a nspeed ball junkie. Got to get everyone eyes on my sorry ass I would have done anything for her serious whe dated on an off since she was I'm high school an she was beautifull still Got back together I thought we were serious but she was using me

Speed ball junkies are not human be like the rest of her friends and have strick rules for her in your life so she doesn't destroy everything you worked sonjard to create.

Do you want to hire best hackers to help you spy on your partner phone without he/she know

Hell naww I don't gaf what she's doing keep he messy bs away from me 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Would your life be in a better place if the pandemic never happened?

I have no clue SOOO much has changed in my life since than literally everything


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