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I think I talked to you like one time at school if that would narrow it down

Lol no I've talked to a lot of people :p if you follow me on twitter DM me :)
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I think your one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. We need to hangout

That's so nice! But maybe if I knew who you were :)

What have you learned from your past?

Everything happens for a reason, that people come and go and you just have to keep it moving. Nothing lasts forever and that life goes on. :)

You're so pretty and nice. I wish we were friends so we could actually talk and hangout hahaha.

DM me or something ill be friends with just about anyone if you're nice :)

I thought you had surgery to get your braces off?

No I had jaw and nose surgery but I'm getting my braces off soonish! :)

did you have sex with evin sams?

No actually we were talking but I wouldn't have sex with him that's why we stopped lol but thanks for asking

how many people have you had sex with?

Unlike most people I don't like talking about my sex life out in the open, and unless your my close friend you don't need to know :)

What are your future plans?

After graduation I'm moving to Florida and going to broadcasting school part time and working at Disney part time :)

You're really pretty and I love hearing your opinion on things you're so inspiring

That's so nice thank you :)


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