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are you happy with where you’re at in life?

tbubv’s Profile Photosop
No but I will improve. I am in OK shape but I wanna be in gladiator shape. I wanna make more money too.
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What would you like to change in the country you live in?

Yes. I want to move to the UAE eventually. Because of the taxes there.

Would you radically alter your appearance (hair, clothes, body modifications) for your significant other?

KittenCyclops’s Profile PhotoKittenCyclops
I would not. If someone fell in love with you, you should stay the same as when they fell in love with you.

Why do you believe physical intimacy is important for love?

KittenCyclops’s Profile PhotoKittenCyclops
Because it is easy to lose love for someone when there is no more physical Intimacy. 1 in 4 marriages are sexless that's why most marriages fail.

People shouldn't be sleeping with others before marriage and shouldn't have children out of wedlock. That is immoral, and sinful. Do you agree?

I do not agree. Marriage is pointless. I agree with the rest though but replace marriage with committed

Why do a lot (not all) of young people don't wanna marry anymore?

Because marriage is only a negative thing for all men.


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