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You're planning a nice dinner party but could only invite 2 people. Who would you invite?

My bestie & my brooo <3

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Is it possible to think that you’re compatible with someone at first only to later on have almost nothing to talk about with them or share in common anymore?

It happenssss

Would you be happy to receive a gift certificate for your birthday?

If it's from Ulta or Sephora... absolutely<333

I am very tirand my psychological condition is not very good. I want someone to hug and cry a lot.

A puppy should do the job & a stuffed animal for the crying part ?

Would you rather spend quarantine with.: Your Ex or you Mother in Law?

An ex is an ex for a reason lol. My "In-Laws" would imply that I'm married, so yes, I wouldn't mind quarantine w/ my 2nd mother ???‍♀️

How many hours do you sleep at night?

Usually 4 but let's double that for the sake of normality ??‍♀️


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