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Who did you make rage quit?

llamagod, and he's using dk's custom up b. If I can "deal with it" with a "bad" character, anyone can
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How do you know that you're in love?

when you're with them, you go through a hurricane of emotions. and when you're away from them, it feels like you lost a part of yourself and you miss then everyday. And even though everyone else thinks that person is terrible, you'd fight the world for them
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Remix is never dead. He is just hibernating, waiting for his eventual return.

... he's not gonna pull the captain America frozen in time crap
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How do people fail in life so hard like Kami-sama!? More like fuccboi-sama or im a flaming homosexual-sama am i rite? lmaooooooooooooooo

people are failures if they truly believe they are. Take that fail, turn it into a learning experience, then move forward, knowing that you got through that experience.

How do people become successful like you Ronel-sama?!

Have a solid reason why you want to succeed at what you do, and enjoy getting there. If you're miserable and your reason isn't something you believe in, then stop, change something, and don't let anyone else bring you down.

Why @Just_Ronel? You are not, just Ronel. You are a strong, independent GenesisRemix who doesn't need any "Ronel" to become the true Remix-sama.

Remix is dead

As a Fresno melee player, I wish I had more free time to go back to one of your pm tournaments. Was an awesome experience. How do you find the time to be awesome to your community

Thanks! I wish I had time to enter Fresno tournaments too, but TO'ing and venue management is a busy life. Its really putting the community first before myself. While I do have to do things to make my sponsors happy, I always want to make sure that my tournament attendants have as much fun as possible. Also provide some entertainment in between tournaments like making hilarious videos, haha.

How did people have fun 200 years ago?

By asking each other "how will people have fun 200 years from now?" lol

What's your top 7 for next smash 4 PR? Also who are the 3 best people not on PR atm? Oh and thanks for hosting tournaments :)

NP! I love hosting tournaments!
As for my top 7, 1UP X would be first. The rest in no order are DSS, Sean, Jeff, ............. omg people are so inconsistent. I can't really say. BobaTapioca deserves a spot on the next PR. That's all I can think of for now.

Who's going to be on the PR for PM?!

Kenny, Sfat, and Laudandus will be the new names, so expect the new PR to be similar to the current one, but 3 people will drop because these guys will be added in

Is love complicated? Why?

It starts complicated but you'll get to a point where you realize it was all that simple. We all tend to over complicate things.

And then what after that. Compared to all that happens with Melee and Smash4. Faulty TO that never seeks help for better run tournaments supporting a lost cause smh

I've never run a bad tournament nor have I ever held a 'perfect' one, but there are alot of people that do enjoy the tournaments that I do run. The 3rd CoGPoG didn't have many entrants, and that is something I as a TO can't control. But most of the attendants enjoyed their time with the crew battle and playing at Gsharks place. Maybe I didn't take yours or another specific person's suggestions on how to run a tournament, but that doesn't mean I don't listen to anyone else's advice. There are so many people that support me. As for PM being a lost cause, its not. We got the community to support it.

What is your favorite restaurant in the world?

I have no idea. haven't been all over the world


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