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sometimes... you just need to manage your finances better and stop making up excuses. sure the cost of living is high and people need roommates to be able to afford renting, but there are also ppl out there who only make like $30 an hour, and still do well. maybe don't spend so mindlessly 🤗🤗

Maybe u should mind your business and stop worrying about what I spend my money on cuz bitch u not me
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Do i need to shower if i'm going on a date? I haven't showered since Saturday but i also haven't left the house or done anything so do i still need to shower? M/24

You in the comfort of your own space do as u wish but if u going out u should def clean ya ass up

Having feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same.

Lmao that's fucked up ain't it I truly feel bad for u

what’s your biggest pet peeve in a relationship?

Idk I ain't been in a relationship in a while or long enough to find out

are you the type of person to isolate yourself when you’re in a bad mood or do you prefer to be around people to make you feel better?

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I'm not a people person


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