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Tell me something in your language ^o^

blablablafy’s Profile Photoin trbl
Annyeong, Army. ~ ☆
#1.Learn a sentence in French
English : I love seeing his smile.
French : J'aime voir son sourire.
I = Je (personal pronoun)
Love (infinitive) = aimer (infinitive)
But here
Love = aime (1st singular person, I(=Je) love(=Aime) )
(je + aime (always contrated) = j'aime (contracted))
So we say "J'aime"
Seeing = voir (infinitive)
His = Son
(we also say "son" for girls.)
Smile = Sourire
J'aime voir son sourire. 🌸☼

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d_klm’s Profile Photo YU ♡
also likes
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Can you post a funny gif? *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

blablablafy’s Profile Photoin trbl
Yes, I can. ~ ╰☆╮
I have a lot of gifs, and funny ones, my "personal" compilation that I want to post.
[For my "your reaction if.." and others ]
The choice will be difficult. ☁
I have one with Suga who is very smaller that the basketball player that he tries to block, and other where Kookie has diving goggles under his sunglasses ; strange faces ; others and others ...
My final choice is this one.
Our princess can be very agressive, no ? ♡

Who's your ultimate bias? 😏😊💋Qui est ton bias ultime? (Lol did I said it right in french?)

znikacat’s Profile Photo니카❤
Annyeong Army. ~╰☆╮
For a moment, It was Taehyung.
Currently I can't choose someone, because I really love them all.
I know there is Exo, Infinite and others, but BTS is one of my two "favorites" bands, with Monsta x. I can't choose only one person between the two. ☆
Oh, and you said it right in french, perfectly. "Parfaitement."
It was perfect. C'était parfait. ☆
Happiness for you. ♡

1.Cute🌸2.Bias from BlockB-Zico🐝3.Gorgeous ask.✨4. K-poper🍒5.Not familiar🙁Happiness and good luck❤️

Sofia_do_’s Profile PhotoSofia
Thanks for your message, it's very .. Nice .. ♡ Cute. ♡
I know I'm not very familar on ask, it depends of me and the moments ;
I think your ask is gorgeous too, and your bias from Block B is Zico ?
Happiness and good luck for you too Sofia. ♡


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