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What do you think of "love letter" in this modern era? Has it lost its meaning or not yet?

I don't know about "love" letter specifically, but I enjoy writing letters to this day, I still exchange long letters with one of my friends.
I don't think that letters are outdated, they are simply a tool for communication like many others.
There is something special and genuine about making time to write to someone you care about. It looks pretty, your handwriting adds more charm to it! Plus I find myself being more honest as I write and I like having time to think careful about what to say. It's something that we've lost today.
Me being someone who's really bad a texting constantly , I wouldn't mind writing letters to all my friends if I could haha.
What do you think of love letter in this modern era Has it lost its meaning or

•• هل هناك علاقة بين الألوان التي ينجذب إليها الشخص وبين شخصيته؟

Bishamoon1’s Profile PhotoBishamøn ⚡
نعم، الألوان تجذب الناس حسب شعورهم و انطباع شخصيتهم.
يوجد كثير دراسات بعلم النفس تتحدث عن تأثير الألوان على الدماغ . بعض الألوان توفر راحه بصريه ( غالبا :الأزرق، الأخضر، الأبيض) و البعض منها تؤثر سلبيا على الأعصاب (الأحمر، الأسود، البرتقالي). يبقى الأمر ذاتي، لكن تأثير الألوان على الناس يختلف بين الأشخاص و المجتمعات. في مجال التصميم مثلا، كل لون يستعمل للتعبير عن عاطفه لاعراض مختلفه، سواء للبيع او التوعيه المصمم يختار الوان التي تناسب فكرته و رسالته. أهم شيء أن تكون الوان تلفت الانتباه و لا تتعب عين المشاهد.
فدلاله الأوان تختلف بين كل شخص، يوجد ناس تحب الألوان الدافئه او البارده وهناك من لا يحب الأوان اطلاقا. الأمر مرتبط بالذات و عالم اللاوعي او حتى الذكرايات، كما يمكن أن ينسب إلى المجتمع و الديانات.
اخيرا، لكل شخص لون مفضل و لون يزعجه.
هل هناك علاقة بين الألوان التي ينجذب إليها الشخص وبين شخصيته

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zuhaafayyaz’s Profile PhotoZoey the penguin❤
Hello , it's been a while !
I missed ask for a while, and i thought it'd be nice to come back here once in a while , since we're stuck home because of Covid.
I hope all of you are doing, well please take care of youself, and thank you to all of who still kept sending me questions here while I was gone.
Here is a little drawing of howl, looking back at my old art here I realise that imprived a lot , and it makes me happy!
Hello  its been a while  
I missed ask for a while and i thought itd be
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“May the struggles you face today, mold you into the resilient warrior of tomorrow.” 🌼

GoldenCat_99’s Profile PhotoSarah
Thank you dear I really need to hear this today,
I also wanted to officially announce that I won't be active anymore.
I loved ask and I met wonderful people here that became my special friends til this day, I also grow a lot as an artist and loved sharing my art and tought with all of you so thank you for hearing me out, yet I've been losing interest in social media lately. And I have goals that I want to achieve, So for now I have to say goodbye. Thank you eveyone for sharing your time and your support with me I'm forever grateful to you. I won't deactivate or delete my account, it holds too many precious memories for me to just discard it. If anyone wants to get in touch or need anything really ,you can still contact me on instagram in my link, I will answer you.
Well then, that's all I had to say, ah man I'm bad at this, and I'm hungry I forgot to eat,I gotta go ! so goodbye eveyone, take care !

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May the struggles you face today mold you into the resilient warrior of tomorrow

ساكـو .. اشتقتُ لتواجدك هنا حقًا، عيدك مبارك، كل عام وأنت بخيرٍ وعافية ✨ ( http://www.mediafire.com/view/j1sl2nbba17v4bt/Happy154.jpg )

Bishamoon1’s Profile PhotoBishamøn ⚡
Thank you bisha, I missed you and your wonderful designs too !
I 'm touched that you remembred me, so thank youso much !
دمت بحفظ الرحمان
ساكـو  اشتقت لتواجدك هنا حقا عيدك مبارك كل عام وأنت بخير وعافية

Now what if a photographer comes to you saying: "hey i took this picture of you cause you looked beautiful" he took it without you noticing and the picture turned out to be actually good and beautiful, how would you react?

EyeOfTheSun’s Profile Photoharu
I'b be surprised and touched. And probably offer to draw a portrait of the photographer as a thank you.
Now what if a photographer comes to you saying hey i took this picture of you

What's your best way to express anger?!!

Not expressing it.
I know it may sound wrong, but it isn't. You may think you'd expose inside if you don't let it out, but it's not true.
I believe anger is one of the emotion that shouldn't be expressed.
If you get angry, walk away, sit down or go to sleep or whatever but don't let it out especially in front of people because you may say/do things you don't mean out of impulse. If you really feel like you can't take it anymore, you can scream your lungs out when you're alone , or kick your pillow.
Whats your best way to express anger

My friend just told me that she likes me more than a friend but then said that she doesn’t want anything from what she told me. I’m surprised bc I wasn’t expecting it. What do I say/do? Please help. /:

Tell her you have lupus.
Nevermind, you probably already died from this tragic one sided love since I'm so late to reply, I'm sorry , but I'm pretty sure that by now you found the solution on your own. Hopefully that won't be first and last confession you'll get .
My friend just told me that she likes me more than a friend but then said that

Hey, Saku. Wall to wall question. How do you suppose one moves on from someone that they care about when they know they're being mistreated?

Hi Nora, moving on from someone may seem difficult and hurtful but it isn't , especially when the other person mistreat you, they are already far away from you. The distance is already there.
Despite how loving an caring you may be , some people can only meet you as deeply as they met themselves, so it's important to walk away from anything that no longer grow you or give you peace. don't waste your efforts on someone that discard you and doesn't know your value, you'll only exhaust yourself. It's good to be kind and caring, but it's pointless to waist all one someone who doesn't want it. !
Keep in mind that you can be loved for who you are and that somewhere , someone is wishing to know someone just like you. So respect yourself enough to let go.
Hey Saku Wall to wall question How do you suppose one moves on from someone that

Hello!, How are you Saku ? .. it have been while you didn't share anything here 💛💛🍂

Hey, I'm good thanks for asking, sorry for being inactive, I kinda lost interest in Social Media ,and being social altogether... But I'll try to make an effort.
Hello How are you Saku   it have been while you didnt share anything here
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How do I know if he loves me?

Does it really matter if you knew ?
People's feelings change with time. So why bother to know if they like you or not right now ? it's just a pain , The most important thing is how you feel, don't seek validation from others, and don't take their feelings for granted. If someone truly loves you they'll show it, you won't need to question it.
How do I know if he loves me


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