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Do guys ever realize that it’s a turn off to ask for pictures and videos from a girl or do they usually ask for those from girls they aren’t thinking of being in a serious relationship with?

It’s only a turn off if she doesn’t like you.
If y’all mutually fw each other she likes sending them and he likes receiving them.

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I have a situation….So my little sister came to visit and my bf have been coming over like a regular routine almost everyday. He worked last night, and been up for almost 24 hours helping me out, and now my sister is here, should I make her take the couch so he can zz or let bf sleep on the couch?

Let her crash on the couch until he leaves….She should understand or go grab her an air mattress from Walmart or something.

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You have a heart!!??🤣

If you never experienced it it’s only because yours ain’t work…

I love you only because you gave me them kids that's it I don't have no love for you anymore this isn't romantic this is it sweet this isn't anything that makes me feel complete. If anything it's made me completely fall out of love with you and show me I can't trust you therefore I can't love you.

Wrong person

Ever feel like everybody has someone, but you don’t?

Quit fighting and tweaking on the people you do have.

And I would give everything I own. Id give up my life my heart my home just to have you

If you talking business email me

This is CHEATING !! 1. Texting someone secretly is considered cheating.2. Hiding your browsing history from your partner is considered cheating.3. Giving special attention to someone else is considered cheating.4. Adding random attractive strangers on social media is considered cheating.

For you and your relationship…Some people have more liberation in their relationship.
Do what works for you.

Don't worry about what delusional world I live in you all put me in it. But you can bet I won't be a part of it anymore not with any of you.


Some people believe that God is on Earth today walking among us like normal people do you believe this can be true?

I believe GOD moves about how he wants to…

You can go with me. Do you want to?

You should probably have this conversation elsewhere. These are anonymous

Ever leave someone you loved and knew was your soulmate because you became so overwhelmed and confused thinking something has to be fu$ked up because its to good to be true?


I miss my x.

Hit them up….
It’s always best to try and end things on
Great terms so you don’t lose the friendship if the romantic relationship don’t work out


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