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How do you decide what movie to watch?

Special needs question; but I just look at what I think will be better?
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Thoughts of jay?

Jay jay jay, he's very gay, he's desperate, keen, has no balls, gay, homo sexual, gay, gay, fucked face, and gay:D

Luca this is ur personal stalker I must know how do u get such good skin texture ; ) plz tell me. I neeed too knooowwww :3

im just very sexy :3

If u knew something was bad and it was about ur friend would u tell ur friend or try to defend the person who said the bad thing

Christan... And obvs my friend

Did u know that most people who say there dick is big there dick acc isent

Ask demir he knoes xD jks, no I didn't coz I sed that for a jk so go suck ur mums moustache christan :D

Who r ur top 5 friends in sg boys only

Okay I got more then 5 and some r just gonna go cry if I don't add them in so here's top 10: jack,demir,amilio,finley,miles,joshA,sachin,christan,lucas,chris


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