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If I was her I would of left your ass a long time ago , she deserves so much better then some punk who gets everything from his parents and doesn't know when cheating is wrong but it's okay! She has me now;) bye bitchboy

I'm sorry I have parents that support me haha, and I'm a bitchboy?? Says the faggot who won't even stop being anon

Lol you're a joke man, how do you know she wasn't acting?

Trust me, if and when you get a girl moaning like she was you'll know she isn't acting.
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It's not Sammi but she tells me everything you've done or said to her and okay will see if ya don't care:)

Go ahead, I would be surprised if you fuck her better tell me when she screams your name and cums 6 times in 10 minuets

The only thing she wouldn't do is change her appearance because if you really loved her you wouldn't try changing anything about her, lol pussy.

OMG stfu, this is probably you Sammi. But if it's not, shut up haha, you're stupid and yeah I want a girl to look good for me. Try having a girlfriend who stuffs her face with shit.

It's so fucked up what you did to Sammi don't come crawling back to her when you see her with me Man ;)

I'm fucked up? Okay haha, have fun with her :) you'll see how she really is.

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