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If everyone died and you are able to revive 6 people, who are they?

Oh, hard to say, let's hope that it won't happen!

You will know soon enough but hey you will be mine when I say who I am. =D

Oh, it's not really that easy but sure, take your time to reveal yourself. ^_^

I dont actually care if he gets jelous, he isnt worth of you anyway. I will remain secret now. =P

Alright, feel free to remain secret but I hate you for that! :P

I better stop speaking here, or your boy friend can get jelous.. =P

Oh, you think? And yeah, he definitely could.
But hey, don't go, you didn't tell me who you are! :3

Uh uh uh..I am a female =P And you know what I mean with "eating", Mmmmichy. :3

Oh, a female, that's better and nice.
I don't know what you mean .. but, if you want I could let you eat some cookies I can attempt to make. :3
You're pretty funny and adorable, haha, hope you're going to have a nice day too!

Oh I am somebody..And you are everything I need. I want to EAT YOU.

I'm not some kind of cake but, alright, 'somebody'. :3
Are you a male or a female?

i wish we could have a lesbian 1 night stand

Ahah, seems fair, guess you're going to keep it a wish though! :P


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