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Why do these shoutouts come in waves? Weird pattern 🤣

cause they think about me when they need something not when they really wanna help me out of the kindness of their hearts... they annoy meeee

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How easily would you let someone go if they gave you mixed signals and at what point would you decide that they’re just not for you if you barely ever spoke to them?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
quick af

Are you happy Trump is slowly getting stopped

2024... he's up and ya'll mad at Biden but still hating.. it's sad you Americans just don't appreciate a good color dye

F*ck a 2 weeks notice. You shoulda noticed 2 weeks ago that i was bout to quit

PERIOD.. what that job security look like? You gone need me in the future huh? because we know good help is HARD to find because I'ma be on vacation OFF the grid.. phone off LITERALLY LIVING life with my man because my man loves me lmao! seriously

What's the last reason you were at the hospital??

Dieinzige’s Profile Photovvn
because Mr. Eric left me for dead lol we was both laughing actually.. my friends crazy dawg

Do you think Sports today is to soft

I mean if you can't spell you shouldn't be thinking about sports yet alone playing them lmao! Texas shit huh?

Are you working today?

I work everyday... whether employed or not.. you do not pay my bills and I'm happy because my bills got a hold lmao! losers


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