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What did I ever DO to YOU ? for you to be putting me through all this ?

I don't even know you so how I am putting you through anything please explain that to me

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You made it clear that I was not someone you wanted in your life. I can’t stop wondering how you would feel if you knew how much it offended me. Would you have cared? Would it have changed your mind if you knew just how much I needed your attention. I just wanted to be your friend 🥺

I'm sorry but who are you exactly?! I'm sorry that you thought that you might had thought that I honestly don't even know why and who you are?!! If I offended you I am sorry that I did?

why do people add their pronouns in their bio? as if we can't tell if your male or female just by looking at you

I honestly I don't know maybe they get misunderstood about they gender?


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