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Police!! Open Up! 👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻👮🏾

Officers come on in
How are you Sir,
Oh just enjoying my work can I offer you something to drink?

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Serious I can’t even go to a grocery store anymore. WTF laura? Attack if the Kroger ppl? You’re playing a game, that’s why u listen to these ppl. It’s crazy stuff u all are doing.

is Saturday Nov. 26
473 days

U brought up gifts when all I ever got from you was a card and pretend love. Idek care tho I still love you

well some buddy like to spoil her gifts with her wonder never ending love

You have pride and ego issues but said I do. You’re on here still saying disrespectful stuff about me or how much you don’t miss me etc. there’s obviously some feelings still there. You’re just too proud to admit it or ever come back even as friends. I love you ya know☹️💔

hahaha yeah you got the inside job on those pride and ego issues and maybe just a little short on the empathy side 😉

Who do you miss right now

if your asking me I miss my soulmate Aja and my crush her daughter Ava. The house will be done soon before Christmas I hope they will come and spend it with me.

Can we just all learn Math for non-Asians? Thoughts 💭…

save alot of headache I need me 1 Asian, and 3 good honest Mexicans but no white dudes, broke lazy good for nothing sob

As a god should warn doesn't that make you feel great, awesome, Alive?!

pulling the knife at of my heart or putting back in BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO DRILL SARGENT....GUUUUUUMMMMPPPPPP

﴿ ᷂وَاذْكُر ᷂رَّبَّكَ ᷂إِذَا ᷂نَسِيتَ ﴾ - ᷂لآ ᷂آلهَ ᷂الا ᷂الله. - ᷂سبحَان ᷂الله ᷂وَبٓحمده. - ᷂سبحَآن ᷂الله ᷂العظيم. - ᷂استغفرالله ᷂واتوب ᷂إليه.



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